XXL Performance Update


Dear players,

You probably remember the XXL update in September, when we fixed around 300 bugs. When we announced this update, we also mentioned that our next focus would be the browser version’s performance, i.e. speed and loading times.

We’re happy to report that this work from the Rail Nation team has paid off greatly. We were able to implement some valuable improvements in the form of optimisations to various parts of the game. While some game functions only received small improvements, we could drastically reduce loading times for others, making your experience playing Rail Nation that much smoother. On average, our measurements show that the general performance of the game has improved by 24%!

For instance, we were able to reduce the average loading time for the association window by 45% and the loading time for the “buy train” screen by 40%, which is far better compared to previous loading times.

This is a great step in the right direction, and we’ll be curious to know your thoughts and feedback once these performance updates arrive. As always, the roll-out is divided into several stages: Rollout plan


After completing this update, the next technical milestone is the mobile version of Rail Nation. We’ll let you know more about that once development has progressed further.

Take care and stay healthy.

Your Rail Nation Team

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7 thoughts on “XXL Performance Update

  1. Since new gamw started unable to log in. The game half loads then goes to a blank screen.
    Anyone else getting log in details.?

  2. Hey bob,

    if you open your browser and the tab of rail-nation opens automatically, then sometimes the game loads half and later it goes to a blank screen. In this case try to close the tab and call the rail-nation login-page again.

  3. Yeah, would love to create ticket, but can’t because the captcha function does not open a bigger window like all other websites. So you have to scroll in the little space to do the captcha.
    This is on Firefox 83 64-bit on Windows 10.
    And even with a green checkmark for the captcha, i get the error that captcha verification failed.

    So the ticket i wanted to introduce is about the readability of the waiting time : the golden gradient background does not go well with a white text of the waiting time, especially on the app.

  4. also ich war nicht begeistert von den Versprechen hat wenig gebraucht fรผr Bonis Log, das war nichts

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