We look forward to your postcards!

Dear railway fans,

Have you planned your summer holiday yet?

Why not send us a postcard:

Rail Nation
Bright Future GmbH
Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56
50968 Cologne

Write us your avatar and server name and tell us from where you sent us the card.

All participants will receive 100 Gold.
If there’s a railway theme on the postcard, you’ll even get 200 Gold!

Each avatar can only take part once – so send us your postcard from your most exciting holiday location!
If you don’t plan to go on holiday, you can just send a postcard from home too. That way, we’ll collect quite a number of exciting places and countries.

This map shows you where we have received postcards from so far:

Entry closes on 1st October 2017.

We look forward to your postcards!

Your Rail Nation Team

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11 thoughts on “We look forward to your postcards!

  1. I love the game !!!! The game needs to be a game that you can just keep playing, so you can keep expanding in to other places !!! Where you can like put track all over the map and control the hole country !!!!!

  2. Kelzinha – Holstentor (Express)
    I’m from Brazil!!! São Paulo city!!!
    I love RN!!!

  3. I’m back from vacation in China where I took the Maglev train.
    Nice to be back, playing R.N. again.

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