Victory in Rail Nation: A Prestigious Quest. Part 2


Welcome to the second part of the Rails of Wisdom instalment on prestige points. In the first part, we talked about individual prestige, and now we’re going to talk about association prestige, help you decide between being a city player or free player, and give you some information about when prestige points are awarded by the server.


Association prestige

The  association’s prestige is a reflection of the collective and constitutes 10% of what each member of the association earns. The sooner the donations for the HQ are completed, the sooner the HQ will level up and unlock new member slots in your association, who you can recruit and can help contribute to your association’s success. So, it’s important to try to upgrade your association’s HQ as fast as possible.

The association ranking is updated and recalculated dynamically throughout the day. However, in the endgame, the prestige of megacities directly becomes an award for the association, which hinges on its position in the ranking for the designated good as it is completed.

The association plays a very important role in gaining more prestige for all members, as you can hire workers by bidding and winning in auctions that give you various bonuses.


When are the prestige points granted to your avatar?

The prestige points are granted based on the specific actions you undertake during the game, with the timing of awards varying according to the type of action performed. Below are the prestige categories along with detailed explanations for each.

For each win, you’ll receive a message from the game system, offering you the necessary information about your earned prestige points.


Train transports

  1. Daily prestige: This is awarded every day at 00:00 UTC when the game world day resets (sometimes, there can be a delay of a few minutes, until the server finishes all the calculations). You’ll get prestige for all the required goods you’ve transported. The amount you get depends on your position in the delivery ranking.
  2. City level prestige: When the city levels up, you’ll get prestige for the goods that are no longer required (based on your position in the delivery ranking). If you weren’t hauling a good that dropped off the list, you won’t get any prestige for it.
  3. Endgame prestige: If a city becomes a megacity, things change a bit. When it upgrades, you’ll get prestige for all four required goods (pro rata as before). Then, every time the city finishes one of the 12 goods on the list (or passengers in a passenger scenario), you’ll earn prestige for that specific good (or passenger). Note that megacity prestige is granted only if you are part of an association.



Prestige is awarded at 00:00 UTC. You’ll receive a system message informing you about your title type, rank and the prestige amount you received.


City project

Prestige is awarded as soon as the city levels up.



Prestige is awarded as soon as the competition has ended and you successfully participated in it (by transporting the required type of good). Note that even the best players have forgotten to update their train schedule, resulting in their trains transporting the wrong goods. They are then surprised to realise they finished the competition with 0 delivered tons. ^_^


In-game medals

Prestige is awarded as soon as you collect the medals from the “Medals” menu.


Lottery coin set

Prestige is awarded only if you manually convert the coin set into prestige points from the lottery building, in the “Prizes” menu.


Building upgrades

Prestige is awarded as soon as the building level is finished.


 Halving waiting times for passengers

If you took part in halving the waiting times, you’ll receive the prestige associated with your donation rank as soon as the city levels up.


The individual or the collaborative road to victory?

To secure victory, players from cities, megacities (in the endgame), regions or factions, as dictated by the game scenario, must harmonise their efforts to earn prestige points. This cooperative endeavour often stirs debates on perceived altruism or self-interest among those striving for top positions in individual or association rankings. 

While many players prefer to play by representing their homecity as a priority, they may overlook the broader objectives of the game, such as achieving individual and team rankings (decided by prestige points). Over time, we’ve seen players enjoy collaborating and supporting their teammates as they celebrate their megacity’s win, while other players prefer winning in the individual and association rankings. 

We’re happy to see you embrace the game the way you like, bringing you closer to your teammates and friends. 😊


Thank you for hopping on board with us today. Until the next edition of “Rails of Wisdom”, happy railroading! 🛤️


Warm regards,

Your Rail Nation Team

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