The Social Side of Gaming: How The Community Enhances Your Rail Nation Experience


Hello and welcome to Rail Nation! Here, you’ll do more than manage a railway empire – you’ll also join a vibrant social community. 


In the first article of our Rails of Wisdom blog series, we want to emphasise how much we value our community. Joining Rail Nation means becoming part of a global community where collaborating, connecting and socialising with other players are just as important as the trains you manage.


🌟 Benefits of being part of our community

  • Knowledge sharing: Learn strategies and tips that can greatly improve your gameplay.
  • Tactics and synchronisation: Join forces with your fellow players, strategise and witness the power of collective effort as it propels your railway empire to new heights!
  • Mentorship: Gain insights and guidance from experienced players who can help you navigate the complexities of the game. Or mentor new players yourself and help them learn the game.
  • Social connections: Create lasting friendships with fellow enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Keep yourself updated on game news: Access immediate information about the game as well as known game issues on our official Discord server.
  • Active participation and fun: Engage in events, contests and discussions that improve your involvement and enjoyment of the game.

Here’s how you can dive into our lively community and reap all the benefits of this social adventure.


🤝 Join our welcoming community

From the moment you start your Rail Nation adventure, you’re not alone. Our awesome community is here to guide you through every stage of the game. Experienced players, association leaders, mayors and presidents often serve as mentors. They provide invaluable advice and ensure every member’s prosperity through active participation and shared strategies.


🎓 Learn and grow with the community

Jump into Rail Nation and immediately find yourself supported by an extensive network of experienced players. Our community is eager to share knowledge through tutorials and guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the game. Engage with the in-game chats and forums or join real-time conversations on our official Discord server: Join here! Whether you’re seeking strategic advice or troubleshooting tips, there’s always someone ready to help.

Experienced players are encouraged to mentor newcomers, thereby creating a sense of unity and cooperation that extends across cities, regions, factions, game worlds and even game domains.


🤝 Synchronise strategies with your team

In Rail Nation, teamwork isn’t just encouraged; it’s essential. Coordinate with your fellow players to synchronise strategies and conquer challenges together.


🌐 Engage directly on our official Discord server


Discord isn’t just for game updates; it’s the pulse of our community


Managed by our dedicated community managers and supported by volunteer moderators, it’s where you can participate in engaging discussions, talk strategies and tactics, access various player tips and guides, and enjoy a variety of community events.


Stay active and engaged with our regular community events on Discord and Facebook

Check out our Discord  for weekly events like the weekly giveaways, where you can win great prizes with just a click! Also, don’t miss “Thursday Treats” every Thursday. You can learn all about our events in the “Event Party Central” section, and local community managers also host various exciting events and voice chats in each community.

We also host fun events on our official Facebook page. Take a look!

These events not only bring fun and excitement, but also give you a chance to win awesome rewards that you can redeem in the game.

Discord is the place where you can make your voice heard! 

Influence game developments with your feedback, which our community managers actively gather and forward internally.

Check out our Feedback Loop sessions and share your thoughts! They’re a great way to make your voice heard and help us shape the game with insights from you and other players. We truly value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

We support community interactions in multiple languages, with dedicated channels in English, Czech, German, French, Polish, Dutch and Russian, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless and inclusive experience.


🛤️ Your Rail Nation journey

Your journey in Rail Nation is enhanced by the tracks you build and the community you grow with. Embrace this journey, interact with fellow players and watch as your railway empire thrives alongside a supportive community.

Stay tuned for more from the Rails of Wisdom series next week!


Happy railroading,

Your Rail Nation Team

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