The 2019 Winter Event

Ho, ho, ho … ahem … dear players!

We’re delighted to spread some winter cheer in the world of Rail Nation again this year. The Winter Event is back!

The Winter Event will be activated on all suitable servers for eight days from 12 December 2019 at 2 pm (CET). The game essentially works the same way as last year. Read the blog post on the topic again HERE.

For everyone who just wants to jump straight into it, let us at least tell you that once again you can win a range of prizes and our special event points (Diamonds).

Those of you who took part last time will probably remember that some players managed to exploit our system by working together, acting skillfully and going without sleep. This allowed them to earn astronomical amounts of Diamonds. We didn’t see this coming and it caused a number of problems. These issues have now been fixed, and even though expert skills and price monitoring are still important, it’s no longer possible to exploit this mechanic.

This year, we’ve again attempted to find a date on which as many servers can take part in the Winter Event as possible. We also wanted to make sure regions with just a few servers aren’t completely excluded. Additionally, we’re working on a solution so that we can offer catch-up dates for these kinds of events in the future. Since our developers currently have their hands full with HTML5 and also need to make preparations to enable regular bug-fixing and improvement updates next year, unfortunately the option is not available for this year’s Winter Event. If you can’t participate in the Winter Event on your usual server, we recommend playing the event on another server. This way, you won’t miss out on the fun or the Diamonds!



What exactly are the balancing changes?

  • It’s now no longer possible to own more than 100 units of a certain resource or to exceed this limit with direct purchases. However, this is still possible with packages and random prizes.
  • Prices for resources will now change much more slowly.
  • A fee of one coin is charged when selling resources.
  • To make sure winning isn’t too dependent on chance, the starting value of the coins contained in the coin package has been reduced by 25 %.

If we still manage to win lots of Diamonds, can we keep them?


I don’t understand what the event is about. What do I have to do?

You can find an extensive explanation about the event HERE. What’s more, the event will be explained again in the game itself once it’s active.

Do I have to play along?

Nope. Although the event is available on most servers, you can simply ignore it if you don’t want to play or if the prizes aren’t important to you and you just want to keep playing Rail Nation.

Which servers will the event be on?

You can find a complete list of servers on which the event is active or inactive HERE.

What should I do if the Winter Event is not available on my server?

If you still want to play the event, we recommend simply moving to another server where the event is available. You can find a list of servers with the event HERE. Simply look for a server that appeals most to you.

When will the Winter Event end?

It ends after exactly eight days, so on 20 December 2019 at 2 pm (CET).

The Winter Event has just started and I’m shown an incorrect Diamond value in the winter market. What can I do?

The problem should go away if you reload the game.

I’ve met the requirements of a quest, but it doesn’t appear to count. What’s that about?

You probably started the quest at the wrong time. Remember that you can also see the quests for the next day. This allows you to prepare accordingly. But the quests can only be completed once they’re actually active.

It’s not yet 12 December and there’s already a new building in my train station. Was the event brought forward?

No, don’t worry. The winter market has a three-day build phase, unless the server hasn’t yet been started in these three days. The actual Winter Event begins on 12 December, as announced.

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35 thoughts on “The 2019 Winter Event

  1. Ich habe ein paar Fragen bezüglich des Events:
    1. Was heißt Preisveränderungen erfolgen deutlich langsamer, heisst das, dass die Zeit bis zur NB länger bemessen ist oder wie viele Ressourcen gekauft werden müssen, wenn ja würde ich gerne wissen, um wie viel dieser Wert angehoben wird, im Optimalfall hätte ich gerne Einsicht in die Zahen^^ Die Frage ist eigentlich, wie viele Einkäufe man benötigt um eine Preissteigerung von zwei zu schaffen, denn selbst mit Absprache hatten wir das letztes Jahr meines Wissens nicht einmal.
    2. Die Gebühr von einem Taler bezieht sich vermutlich auf jede Ressource einzeln, richtig?
    3. Behalten die Pakete ihren ursprünglichen Preis, wie er letztes Jahr war bei oder wird es Änderungen geben?
    4. Zählen die in den Paketen erworbenen Gegenstände genauso in die Preisberechnung, wie die erworbenen/ abgestoßenen?


  2. Hallo Idhren,

    danke für den Hinweis. Auch auf DE-105 Grand Canyon findet das Winter-Event statt. Der Server fehlte in der Liste, ist aber jetzt nachgetragen.

    Viele Grüße

  3. Hallo Rockerfarm,

    hier die Antworten auf deine Fragen:
    1. Die Berechnung erfolgt im Hintergrund, abhängig vom Verhältnis Käufe/Verkäufe. Hier wurde das Balancing in der Hinsicht verändert, dass sich die Preise nun langsamer verändern. Wie viele Einkäufe man für eine Preissteigerung benötigt, kann man also nicht pauschal sagen, dafür ist die Berechnung auch zu komplex.
    2. Richtig, bei jedem Verkauf fällt pro Resource eine Gebühr von 1 Taler an.
    3. Nein, hier gibt es keine Änderung, die Pakete behalten ihren ursprünglichen Preis: 20, 30 und 40 Wintertaler
    4. Nein, für die Preisberechnung zählen nur direkte Käufe/Verkäufe.

    Ich hoffe die Antworten helfen dir weiter.

    Viele Grüße

  4. You all should have been here when players tried pulling all Required Goods at once. Those first rounds took 3 days to complete. Sleep, who sleeps in real life?

    Good luck

  5. Definition of exploit

    1 Make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)
    1.1 Use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
    1.2 Benefit unfairly from the work of (someone), typically by overworking or underpaying them.

    Exploit has a negative connotation to me.

    Like any other aspect of the game, the programmers make a system and the players find ways to operate within that system to maximize benefit (1), but these are not unfair (1.1 & 1.2) because they are available to everyone.

    Instead of writing about how players created “problems”, why don’t you admit the system was designed with an inadvertent hole in it?

  6. Guten Abend
    Server De-18 ist im Endspiel. Dauert ja knapp 2 Tage. Muss ich mich auf einem anderen Server anmelden um das Winterspiel zu beenden?

  7. Hallo Helsing,

    mit den Diamanten steigt auch die Stufe deines Wintermarktes auf dem Bahnhofsgelände. Mit jeder Stufe des Marktes, erhälst du mehr Wintertaler bei den Event-Quests. Des Weiteren bestimmen sie deinen Rang in der Event-Rangliste.

    Viele Grüße

  8. Зачем вы сделали такой рынок? Кому он нужен? Цены стоят на месте. ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНО!

  9. Just recently found Rail Nation on the internet. Life hasn’t been the same since, lol. Just when I thought to myself how great this game is, along comes the Winter Event. Wow! For sure this Winter Event is just icing on the cake. For sure there is going to be a cherry to put on top somewhere, it’s finding it first. Cherries, Diamonds, it’s all the same, haha. The very best to all and I look forward to spending a lot of time laying track and making friends this winter. Cheers.

  10. Hey Bruce, what a nice comment! We are very happy to hear you found the fascinating world of Rail Nation! See you on the rails!

  11. Hallo janetti,

    die Diamanten bekommst du automatisch, wenn du den Parcours absolvierst. Sie verstecken sich ab und zu per Zufall hinter den einzelnen Feldern und in jedem Bonuslos sind mindestens 3 Diamanten enthalten.

    Viele Grüße

  12. I completed the last daily quest in the allotted time and on the correct day (today 45 minutes before the event finished) but it did not allocate it. I then connected to another city but it did not allocate that one either. This has meant I was unable to complete my latest round to get further prizes.

    This is now 2 years running that the Winter event has not allocated the last daily quest prize.

  13. Hallo Carsten Kleister,

    auf dem Bahnhof findest du noch ein paar Tage lang den Wintermarkt. Dort wird dir die Rangliste vom aktuellen Winter-Event angezeigt. Zusätzlich findest du in der Lobby bei Karriere -> Profil noch eine Anzeige aller Diamanten, die du in diesem und im Event vom letzten Jahr erhalten hast.

    Viele Grüße

  14. Hallo Chuck Norris Ace,

    auf dem Bahnhof findest du noch ein paar Tage lang den Wintermarkt. Dort wird die die Rangliste vom aktuellen Winter-Event angezeigt.

    Viele Grüße

  15. How do we redeem our diamonds for career engine points? I supposedly earned 500 points but I don’t see them on the homepage/career engine tech points?

  16. I’ve been waiting on this since last year and was happy to have it return. Can we have an Easter event, and a midsummer event? Do we have to wait another year?

  17. Hallo MaxeliX,
    ich vermute du meinst die Karrierepunkte? Diese wurden inzwischen gutgeschrieben.
    Viele Grüße

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