Status update for Rail Nation: Clash!

Hello railroaders,

Rail Nation: Clash! is well underway. It’s time to take a look at the statistics and the rewards!

20,000 players are on the tracks in Rail Nation: Clash! About 12,000 of them are fighting their way up the ranking. The amount of games played so far equals two full years of 24/7 action of a single player.

The players seraGD, Pulmol and bubiok finished the first ever round on 19th June at 12:34pm with a result of 3:10:6. The first head-to-head race happened just a quarter of an hour later between the players Санкюлот, Cardinalex and Mat van Berg. The final result was 9:10:9.

What is everyone fighting for?

We no longer want to keep you in suspense regarding the rewards. We’re introducing a new kind of reward for you with Rail Nation: Clash! At the end of the event, career achievements based on your rank will be unlocked. Gold and a laptop are also up for grabs. Here you can see the different reward classifications:


Rank 1-10: 1,000 career points
Rank 11-100: 500 career points
Rank 101-1,000: 250 career points
Rank 1,001-10,000: 100 career points
All other participants: 25 career points


Rank 1: 3,000 Gold
Rank 2: 2,000 Gold
Rank 3: 1,000 Gold


Of the top 20 players, one lucky winner will receive a brand-new Inspiron 15 3000 by Dell.

So make sure to add another shovelful of coal and power-up your engine! To help you beat your record, here is another look at all the tips that can help you in Rail Nation: Clash!

Tips for Rail Nation: Clash!

Make the most of each game round

You have 5 game rounds every day that influence your place in the rankings. You should make sure you use every game round if you intend to stay ahead of your rivals.

Maintain your speed

You can send your engine from one station to the next without losing speed or stopping. While your engine is in transit, simply click on the second industry before it reaches the first industry. This allows you to shave seconds off your overall time, which could make the difference between a win or loss at the end of the game.

Reset rival progress

Sometimes it makes more sense not to concentrate on the next good, but instead actively reset your rival’s progress by crossing their line. Depending on the situation, this could help you collect points more safely.

Reset your own progress

It can even be helpful to reset your own progress in some instances. For example, if a good appears in the direct vicinity of your own city, you could get there more quickly by resetting, rather than by traveling all the way back.

Head-on collisions

Using head-on collisions is also a strategy. For instance, if you see that a rival will reset your progress by crossing your line after collecting a good, you could make them suffer the same fate by turning around and going for a head-on collision, preventing them from collecting other goods. This approach can be particularly useful against a rival in the lead.

Length of route sections

The diagonal stretches on the map are a little bit shorter than the horizontal routes. In a neck-and-neck race, choosing the right route can make all the difference.

We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!
The Rail Nation Team

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9 thoughts on “Status update for Rail Nation: Clash!

  1. Hi Michael,
    offiziell wird das Spiel nur im Browser unterstützt. Je nach Gerät kann es aber sein, dass es auch auf dem Smartphone funktioniert. Besser einmal mit dem Training testen, statt mit einem Ranglistenspiel.

  2. Ich habe plötzlich nach 3 Spielen angeblich 8/5 Spiele gamacht und kann die letzten zwei Spiele nicht machen!? PLZ HELP!

  3. а почему нельзя было это сначала игры опубликовать?
    имею ввиду информацию о призах? Это был бы стимул многим играть…
    в ВК туманно написали: рейтинг даст возможность призы поучить…

  4. Schade das ihr die Preise verraten habt. Für die Personen im 2000-4000er Umfeld lohnt sich damit das spielen in der letzten Woche nicht. Die Chance in eine bessere Gruppe zu rutschen sind rechnerisch nicht mehr machbar, selbiges gilt für den Abstieg in eine schlechtere Gruppe.
    Aber das Spiel lohnt sich wohl auch für die restlichen 1-1500 Spieler.

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