Rails & Repairs


In this ongoing series, we will be focusing on delivering regular bugfix updates tailored to enhance your gaming experience, particularly addressing front-end issues and hotfixes with lightning speed.


Here’s what you can expect from Rails & Repairs:

Centralised information:

Say goodbye to hunting through multiple blog posts! Instead, all Rails & Repairs updates will be consolidated into this single blog post, allowing you to easily access chronological information in one convenient location.

Frequent updates:

We are committed to providing you with timely bugfixes, ensuring smoother gameplay with each update.

The bugfix updates may include, but are not limited to:

    • Issues with things only displayed after refreshing the game
    • Crashes and freezes where the client no longer responds
    • User interface elements that overlap or whose texts are too long, for example
    • Issues with saving different options from one play session to the next
    • Errors with displaying trains properly on the map
  • Bonus icons not being displayed

Multilingual support:

While English and German translations will be promptly available, please note that translations for other languages may experience slight delays according to volume and resource availability.

You can read each update by clicking on the update number, which will open the content of that specific update. 



RN-9934 TRAIN LIST Fixed an issue where sometimes you could not see other players trains while viewing their train list. We are not sure why, but it seems trains can be shy, we told them they can be proud and now they like to stick around.

RN-2032 TRAINS: SCHEDULE Fixed an issue where unruly trains would refuse to drive the planned and set route. The trains have seen the error in their ways and want to follow your instructions from now on.

RN-14834 TRAINS: POSEIDON Fixed an issue where not all train skins for the Poseidon were available upon purchase. The lord of the Seas has decided to be more fashionable moving forward.

RN-4797 OPTIONS Fixed an issue where the enlarged display setting would always reset after relog. The magnifying glass can retire!

RN-14593 OPTIONS Fixed an issue where email notifications would not stay disabled after turning them off. The (e)mailman is enjoying a well-deserved break now.

RN-13747 CHAT Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use < > for posting links. (>.<)” became (^-^)°

RN-12374 CITY: PASSENGER Fixed an issue where hovering over the passenger prices with your mouse could cause the game to freeze. With summer around the corner, it’s about time stuff stops freezing.

RN-13021 CITY PROJECT Fixed an issue where after unlocking the waiting time bonus for industries, there was a newbie icon displayed. We explained to this bonus that it should stop pretending to be a newbie!

RN-12795 CITY Fixed an issue where the extended tooltip displays the wrong colour in the demand area. It was showing in the same colour as the normal progress bar, instead of the pretty dark green it was supposed to be.

RN-4802 MOBILE: iOS: SERVER SELECTION Fixed an issue where wrong or overlapping images would be shown after switching from one game world to another. Everything should be neat and organized again now.

RN-11408 MOBILE TABLET: MINIMAP Fixed an issue where the mini map could not be opened on tablets. It seems the mini map had simply been scared of tablets for some unknown reason.

RN-4794 MOBILE TUTORIAL Fixed an issue where the Welcome Screen would display one last task left to do, even though all tutorial tasks had been completed. Lazy Lucy now knows better and will clean up properly after a job was done.

RN-14576 MOBILE SHOP Fixed an issue where it was not possible to preview the detailed contents of packages like, for example, the Starter Package or the Era Package. No more buying a pig in a poke!

RN-14490 MOBILE Fixed an issue where sometimes it was not possible to load a game world after switching between two different game worlds.

RN-13012 MOBILE: BADGE Fixed an issue where the gold frame of a badge was not shown in-game. We polished it and it shines nice and golden now.


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