Rail Nation Masters: The first era is over!

The first era of Rail Nation Masters ended yesterday. The steam locomotives are now rolling through the second era, towards diesel eras three and four. At the start of the round on Monday, 29th January, the huge rush of players entering Rail Nation Masters brought our server to its knees for the first hour.

We are really amazed by the participation of the community in Rail Nation Masters. Over 9,000 players from 97 countries around the world are actively participating in the Rail Nation Masters event.

On the morning of the era change, it already became clear that the Rail Nation Masters server has been running at a much quicker pace than other rounds. All 50 cities, from Rocksdale to Millton, from Tuffington to New Cork, have reached the maximum city level 8. This is an outstanding achievement by all players and associations.

The Russian association Пожарные Мульты is currently in the lead of more than 1,200 associations founded. Their home town is Petertown. On their heels, the Turkish association THE PLAYERS from Fort Crown is the current runner-up. The German association Sweetground from the home town of Salt Spring currently occupies bronze place.

After the first week, GistWarGeneral is leading the single player ranking with 156,570 prestige. The experienced player was able to gain a lot of prestige by massively expanding his station area.

This tactic is yielding short-term success, but how sustainable is it? In the course of the eras, many other players will level their stations up to the max, giving them prestige as well. It really depends on how well GistWarGeneral makes his next moves. In terms of transports, he only holds 13th place and is not driving for any competitions (500th place).

In second and third place, Nidayus (first place in transports and competitions) and CЭNTΔUR (third place in investments and miscellaneous) are waiting for any chance they have.


The second era is now in full swing. The next era change takes place on Monday, 12th February.

That means six more days to build up your railway empire before the diesel trains take over the scenery.

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7 thoughts on “Rail Nation Masters: The first era is over!

  1. Habe you fixed the GE Genesis? If you haven’t, then the pros shouldn’t be playing of a factually incorrect sever.

  2. it is nice of you to publish the top ten list of the highest and most gold spent players in the game , next time try to make a real masters game with the gold being locked down, and see the results

  3. es ist nur merkwürdig, dass in der App steht “erste era , tag 11” da ist noch nachbesserung nötig !

  4. Hi Buffalo Joe,

    thanks for the info, I’ll ask the developers to check it out. Rail Nation is known for it’s real life engine details, and a 100% passenger engine doing cargo transports does sound a little odd.

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