Rail Nation Masters: Enter the diesel eras!

Steam is so yesterday! Roll your diesel locomotives out of the shed, because Rail Nation Masters has just commenced era three.

Around a third of all cities reached the highest possible level and were waiting on the starting blocks for the era to change. In the lead: Petertown, Oldtown and Wishington. In fact, only four of the ten fastest cities from era one were still in the top 10 by the end of this era. Tuffington โ€“ which was still in first place in the last era โ€“ only reached the maximum level while ranked 15th this time.

The top positions of the association ranking have remained relatively constant. ะŸะพะถะฐั€ะฝั‹ะต ะœัƒะปัŒั‚ั‹, the association from Petertown is still leading. Two of their players are also among the top 10 in the single-player ranking. The associations THE PLAYERS and Sweetground swapped second and third ranks. Sweetground from Germany saw four of its members reach the top 10 in the single-player ranking, which is the best number so far. Above all, the association has distinguished itself with transport successes, as five of its members are also among the top 10 in the transport rankings.

There was also movement among the runners-up associations. AQUILA โ€“ in 6th place โ€“ has climbed four places from the last era. With Dream Steam, there is also a new company in the top 10. In contrast, the players of Deluxe Pickup โ€“ last week’s 7th place โ€“ fell behind.

We welcome new faces in the top ranks of the single-player ranking as well. Longa (#4), Penelena (#6), Coach CB (#7) and Bill Boo (#10) enjoyed a steep climb. The players Bully Ae 8 8, Woyager, GoBlue and CะญNTฮ”UR, on the other hand, slipped slightly into the top 20. rompec is now rolling under the flag of THE PLAYERS and occupies third place after his teammate Nidayus. Both players are particularly successful in competitions (achieving first and fourth place in the competition ranking).

The competition is as tense as ever! We will get back to you on 20th February with the next interim report. And now, we head off at full speed into the diesel eras!


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4 thoughts on “Rail Nation Masters: Enter the diesel eras!

  1. The idea behind the server is nice, but the execution is a huge disappointment – the server is simply no good!
    Very often you are log out, sometimes actions can’t be executed, the server’s responses are very slow, information (e.g. on RG status) wrong or belated etc. (those who think that it’s just my connection are wrong as I play other servers without those problems.).

    My advice would be NOT to launch extra servers when you haven’t the resources to set them up correctly.

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