Rail Nation Birthday Week: Daily Giveaways Await!

🎉🚂 Daily Giveaways Await! 🎁🚄 


Dear Rail Nation Adventurers, 

As we gear up to celebrate the joyous occasion of Rail Nation’s Birthday Week, we’ve got a special treat for all our fantastic players: Daily Giveaways! 


📅 Duration:

26.01.2024 to 02.02.2024 


What to Expect:

Every day during the Birthday Week, you can participate in a giveaway on our Discord in the #giveaways channel 🎁 From exclusive in-game items to gold, these daily surprises are our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of the Rail Nation family. 


How to Participate: 

  • Head over to the Rail Nation Discord. (never been on Discord? No worries, here’s a STARTER GUIDE for you) 
  • Join our #giveaways channel on Discord 
  • Click on the ‘Participate’ button of the current giveaway 
  • Cross your fingers for that extra dash of luck! 


It’s a week filled with excitement, surprises, and the chance to snag some awesome prizes. Don’t miss out!  


There will be different rewards every day, check the giveaway announcements to see what’s up for grabs. 


Even after the Birthday Week you can check in on a regular basis, as we host a giveaway every week at random.  

Your Rail Nation Team 


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