Rail Nation Birthday Week: Community Showcase!

🌟🚂Community Showcase!🎉🎨 


Dear Rail Nation Community, 

Celebrate Your Contributions! 

As we roll into the festive spirit of Rail Nation’s Birthday Week, we’re shining the spotlight on YOU – the heart and soul of our community! Introducing the Community Showcase, where your incredible contributions take centre stage. 

What Can You Showcase?

📚 Player Wikis 📖 Guides and Tutorials 🎥 YouTube Videos 📣 Reddit Pages 🎮 Awesome Association Discords 🎨 Fan Art and anything else you have created with, for, or because of Rail Nation. 

How to Participate: 

  • Gather your proudest contributions to the Rail Nation community. 
  • Showcase them during the Birthday Week in our dedicated channel #showcase. 
  • Share links, stories, or artwork that you’ve poured your passion into. 
  • Only share work created by you, do not share other players work unless they have given you permission. 
  • You may participate in any language. 
  • Head over to the Rail Nation Discord. (never been on Discord? No worries, here’s a STARTER GUIDE for you) 

Why Participate? 👁️ 

‍🗨️ Visibility: Let the Rail Nation community see and appreciate your hard work.  

🤝 Support and Gratitude: Receive well-deserved recognition, support, and gratitude from fellow players.  

🌐 Connect: Inspire others and connect with like-minded contributors. 

Whether you’ve crafted helpful guides, managed an outstanding association Discord, or created captivating fan art – this is your moment to shine! 


Each meaningful contribution that follows the rules will receive a voucher including: 

  • 1 party avatar item – exclusive to participants of Discord Events 
  • 250 Gold 
  • 10 Track Vouchers 
  • 2 Cheaper Building Vouchers 
  • 3 Lottery Tickets 


You can opt in to have your content shared on Social Media – please mention specifically in your contribution if you would want this.  



The Community Showcase is open during the beginning of Rail Nation’s Birthday Week

from Friday, 26.01.2024, 14:00 UTC+1 to Monday, 29.01.2024, 23:59 UTC+1. 


Let’s make this celebration a testament to the incredible talent within our community. Share your passion, showcase your work, and let the applause from the Rail Nation family echo through the tracks! 


Your Rail Nation Team 

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