Platform X3: Crossroads of Strategy – Round 2


Rail Nation enthusiasts, gather round!


The second round of Platform X: Crossroads of Strategy starts soon, and it’s time to reignite your passion for railway strategy. This thrilling scenario, which captivated players with its unique blend of strategic depth and dynamic gameplay, returns with its cool features and updated career achievements that will elevate your experience to new heights.


New round, new opportunities

In the first round, we introduced you to innovative features, and the feedback was interesting from both city players (red) and free players (blue). You might want to seize the chance to try a new mix of strategy, competition and cooperation. Why not switch your side this round? Find out which style fits best or is more fun to play for you.

Refresh your memory on the feature set from Platform X: Crossroads of Strategy that we presented in the previous blog article: FEATURE LIST HERE.

While there are no changes to the scenario itself, the second round brings with it updated career achievements to ensure that all players, regardless of their previous accomplishments, have a fresh set of goals to strive for.

These achievements are more than just a badge of honour; they represent your dedication, strategy and prowess in navigating the complex world of Platform X.


Mark the start dates on your calendar for the new game worlds


As we embark on this new round, remember that Platform X: Crossroads of Strategy is more than just a game scenario; it’s a test of your strategic thinking, adaptability and determination. Dive in, explore the diverse feature set on this year’s iteration and forge your path to railway glory.


So, rail enthusiasts, with these insights, you’re well-equipped to make the most of the second round of Platform X. Are you ready to take on the challenge?


We’d love to hear about your experience with Platform X and your thoughts on the newly introduced features. Share your feedback on our official Discord server, and don’t miss the chance to join our bi-weekly chats with Bruno (Game Designer). Your input could help shape the future of the game, as some of these features might be implemented based on your feedback. Learn more about it HERE.


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