Our plans for the coming months

Dear players,

This very unusual year is slowly nearing its end, but we’re not done yet! There are still a lot of great things to come and we are already preparing for the next year.

So, enjoy our latest news!


Platform X – Working Class Heroes: Round 2

As we already announced in the last blog post about Platform X, all the game worlds for this event will restart. You therefore have the chance to perfect your strategy in a second attempt or, if you missed the first round, get a last opportunity to test this unique scenario. You can check the start dates here: Link


The Winter Event

Is 2020 making it hard for you get in the winter holiday mood? No worries, we’ve got your back! The Winter Event is returning to bring you an interesting challenge and, of course, lots of little rewards!

You don’t know what the Winter Event is? You can read more about it HERE and it will also be explained in the game.

The Winter Event will be active between 10th and 18th December. You can find a complete list of all game worlds that are participating HERE.


Rail Nation: Origin Journey


Early next year, Origin Journey will be making a comeback. It’s been a while since the last round and many of you have been asking for it. So we’re looking forward to launch this event again in January/February 2021 in the original 1x speed version.
You don’t know what Origin Journey is? Find out HERE. The exact start dates will be announced soon.


…and more!


Besides the events above, there are many other things going on!
We’ll be welcoming several new team members to our game team. We’re working on a new shop feature and improving rewards for watching videos in your station. What’s more, we’ve started tackling the important task of polishing the mobile version of Rail Nation and we’re working on a concept for the second episode of Platform X… and much more! Stay tuned for more exciting news in the future!


Your Rail Nation Team

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31 thoughts on “Our plans for the coming months

  1. was mich interessieren würde wann ihr nun geplant habt das neue und auf das Jahr 2021 verlegte Szenario Orient Express zu testen und online zu bringen.

    neue Lokbaureihen und RN Original Journey waren ja schon vorher bekannt, das dies kommen wird.

  2. Hola, con el tema del fin de soporte de Flash Player que novedad existe para los qué no tenemos celular que soporte la app, dejaremos de jugar o implementaran algún cliente para la PC, o bueno dejaré de jugar porqué cansa bastante la congelada de juego y reinicio (1 o 2) según el día en cada mundo de juego.-



  3. А ,когда , планируете обещанный ” Восточный экспресс”?

  4. Hi there. If you visit the career achievements in the lobby, you will see all you can achieve – including an achievement for Origin Journey 😉

  5. за какое время до старта Origin Journey будет известна его точная дата запуска?

  6. Исправьте старые косяки, прежде чем плодить новые…
    Plapform X оригинальна, но мне одного раза хватило понять, что больше я в этом никогда не буду участвовать…
    Сколько раз можно писать в поддержку по косякам в игре, что бы это было исправлено?

  7. hello rn
    ok locos are good
    but i want better wagons
    -cylinder for grain, wine
    -wagons with car

  8. Ist schön wen mal neue Welten kommen oder ewente das wahre schön wen ihr mal eine Karte mit allen Ständen Deutschland mal macht wo man auch mal kleine Stände die nicht da sind mal anschließen kann und nicht immer die Hauptstädte machen Köln Hamburg macht und ohne Bürgermeister und großen Präsidenten das nur für sein Unternehmen arbeitet als für die anderen. Das wahre schön.

  9. Kann man die Eventdiamanten diesmal für was sinnvolles verwenden im Winterevent? Bleiben die Spielregeln gültig ohne nachträgliche (also nach Spielende) Regeländerungen/Diamantdiebstähle?

  10. Когда планируется выход ” Восточный экспресс” ?

  11. Nice to see the new plans and will be anxious to see the results.
    So good to hear you will be working on the mobile version. Can’t wait to see if chat finally gets fixed. Dosen’t mess up often, but when it does, can be very aggravating. Possibly has something to do with the number of players online at the same time.

  12. Das ist gut und schön, ansonsten hätte ich kein E-Mail bekommen!
    Das wurde ich ja schon sehen!

  13. I really like playing rail nation very much. I would like to continue playing it without being cut off.

  14. Considering the state of ALL servers it’s about time you started to do something about the constant refreshes, and other performance issues that is what the players really want.
    Refresh Nation is now becoming way beyond a joke and is totally unacceptable.

    I really don’t care about a new shop feature or any other stupid cosmetic changes that create even more bugs.
    I don’t wanna have to refresh every 5-15 mins, or approx after every 6 commands
    I don’t want stupid messages asking if I’m still connected to the internet because my connection was interupted.
    If it was MY internet interrupted, then how come I was playing another Refresh Nation Server in the next window.
    I don’t want an ingame messaging system that still, despite claims from Travian, goes back up to 24 hours every time you open the bloody thing.. I must have to scroll through messages I’ve seen before dozens of times a day.

    What I do want, as do so many other players, is a game that works as it should do.
    What I do want is that when posts are made in forums, we at least get a response from someone, other than, ‘yeah we know about that’… Like when it might be fixed… this week, next week, sometime, never ??.

    I spent most of my working life in the service industry in IT. If my company had treated their customers as badly as Travian treat theirs, they would have been out of business within 6 months.

    Stop messing about with new things, and fix the the things we already have..
    Wouldn’t it be nice to be ablt to call the game Rail Nation again instead of Refresh Nation which is what so many players call it

  15. Hola Daniel,

    el juego ya está implementado en HTML5, por lo que puedes seguir jugando tranquilamente.

    Ahora estamos en fase de mejorar el rendimiento para que podamos seguir jugando cada vez más fluidamente.

    el equipo de Rail Nation.

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