All aboard the Legendary Orient Express 2x!


Welcome back to the mysterious Orient!


Jump aboard the railway adventure with the legendary Orient Express!
Get ready for an extra exciting ride as the Orient Express scenario makes its comeback at 2x speed โ€“ because why settle for ordinary when you can fast-track your way to glory?

Not only is the Orient Express scenario fuelled by an authentic map, exotic goods, world-renowned workers, and the iconic Orient Express locomotive, but since Update 2024.2.0 hit the tracks, on the upcoming Orient Express game rounds, you can experience an improvement on the map. All factories are now connected to a city by name, to make sure that factories are distributed more equally between all the cities. You will mostly notice this in the city project rewards.

Your tactical thinking will transform this scenario into a dynamic exploration through time and adventure!

Choose your game world where you can speed through charming cities and unlock the mysterious and rich history of the Orient Express.


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In the realm of railway adventures, there’s nothing quite like the Orient Express โ€“ a legendary train with a history as rich as the landscapes it crosses. It has become the backdrop for countless tales of mystery, intrigue, and romance.

If you’ve been following Lucy’s thrilling adventure aboard the Orient Express in our previous article, we hope her journey has fueled your passion for railway exploration. Now, brace yourselves for an exciting update โ€“ the Orient Express is gearing up for another round with double the speed!

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog or Discord, as a super challenge awaits those who are screenshot-trigger happy, competitive and ready for some juicy rewards.

All aboard for the ride of a lifetime. The Orient Express is calling, and it’s time for you to create your own tale of railway glory!


Your Rail Nation Team

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