New update for the messaging system in Steam over Europe

Dear railway fans,

Some big changes to the chat and messaging system became necessary last year. As a consequence, communication no longer worked properly for many players. We have therefore revised the whole system once again and are happy to tell you that the chat and messages will be working as usual again with the new Steam over Europe update.

We know that communication is a vital part of the game and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused. As a little gift to soften the impact this has had on you, we have prepared a bonus package. The code LETS-TALK2017 unlocks this package and can be redeemed via the game options on all Europe servers until 31st March.

We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!
The Rail Nation Team

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8 thoughts on “New update for the messaging system in Steam over Europe

  1. The code’s much like the messaging, it dosn’t work, comes up invalid or expired — rubbish

  2. Hi Lornemoa, did you use the code on a Europe server? If you chose com-201 “Big Ben”, there was a bug. But it is fixed right now and the code can be used again.

  3. Tried to use code on “big ben” and “smoke chamber”. Got invalid responce. Tried variations of code such ascspaces and capital/lower casecletters. Nothing worked.

  4. Hola Vicente,

    acabo de comprobarlo y funciona correctamente, pero solo en el servidor versión Steam Over Europe, con el mapa europeo. No sirve para otros servidores.

    El Equipo de RailNation.

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