Maintenance 12th of April 2018

Hello dear players,

we have a big game update coming 12th of April between 9:15 – 10:45 am UTC, on the next servers:

USA Scenarios:

  • US101 Golden Gate
  • US102 Grand Central
  • M1.101 Golden Gate

SoE Scenarios:

  • COM201 Big Ben
  • COM202 Loch Ness
  • M1.201 Scandinavia

You can find the whole update here: USA and SoE version 4.6.0 (new client) and it comes with some interesting new features… \o/

Your Rail Nation team

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2 thoughts on “Maintenance 12th of April 2018

  1. We dont need new features, Now we need lots of bug fixes. After the newest update game is so full of bug that gaming experience is close to zero. Sorry guys but this is not gona work long.

  2. Hello Kasperus,

    I’m sorry to hear how the bugs have treated your gaming experience. The update came with a great amount of bug fixes, and I hope those fixes made the game more fun again! Not to mention the new features!

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