Free for all: DR Series E 19

Dear players,

If you enjoy counting on a solid quill drive, we have some good news for you, as a new production series is now available in Rail Nation’s engine house.

In regular service, the engines of Series E 19 were restricted to a maximum speed of 180 km/h, but were designed for speeds of up to 225 km/h. At the time of their release in 1937, they were not only the fastest electric engines of the German Reichsbahn, but also the most powerful single-frame engines in the world.

Only a total of four of these engines were ever manufactured. Two different series of the E 19 were developed, as several companies were commissioned in a bid to compare the work of the largest German electric companies. AEG built the E 19 01 and 02 engines, which largely corresponded to a modernised version of Series E 18. The other engines, E 19 11 and 12 were developed by SSW and Henschel, and differed from the original model particularly with regard to the engine itself.

The E 19 will appear on the tracks in the fifth era as a production series for the Basilisk. Log in now to claim this production series for free.

Full steam ahead!
The Rail Nation Team

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16 thoughts on “Free for all: DR Series E 19

  1. Bin jetzt eingelocht. Meine neue Spielzeit startet am Samstag.
    Bekomme ich trotzdem die Lok ?

  2. Schöne Lok, gefällt mir – aber als Skin für MEdusa wäre passender gewesen, die macht ja 210 km/h, etwa so viel wie die E19 auch

  3. Wie komme ich denn an die Lok, in Epo 5 war nichts zu sehen und jetzt bin ich schon in EPO 6!

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