Feedback Loop – New Map

It’s time for another Feedback Loop!


The topic is ‘A new map’, so let’s dive in right away:


We are thinking about creating a new map for you guys, similar to the Orient Express and Destination Africa and would like to get your input! 

  • Where would you like this new map to be located? Canada, Japan, Italy? Or somewhere else completely?
  • If you could wish for one change on a new map scenario, what would it be? Be sure to detail what you would like to see, as it can help us evaluate your ideas.
  • You don’t really have any personal wishes, but really like an idea of another player? Be sure to comment or react to it to show your support!

You have time until 24.03.2024 at 23:59 UTC to leave us all your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and feedback on in your respective #feedback-loop channels.

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Don’t hold back, but please stay constructive.


Off we go!

Your Rail Nation Team 

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