Feedback Loop – 28.11.23

Another Feedback Loop session open now!

Start of the Destination Africa scenario and breaking in-game language barriers


Dear Community,


We hope this message finds you well and immersed in the captivating world of our Destination Africa scenario. We’re happy to announce the start of a new round of the Feedback Loop, and your insights are once again paramount. This time we have two topics:


Topic 1: Start phase of the Destination Africa scenario โ€“ let’s dive in!


As we venture into the start of the Destination Africa scenario, we are eager to hear about your first impressions and experiences so far. Whether you’ve encountered thrilling challenges, formed unexpected teams or stumbled upon difficulties in the game, your feedback is invaluable. What aspects do you enjoy the most? Are there elements that you find less appealing?

Your thoughts will help us fine-tune the gaming experience and make it even more engaging for everyone.


Topic 2: Breaking in-game language barriers


In our exciting array of scenarios and diverse game worlds, where players come together from all corners of the globe, good in-game communication is vital. We completely get that language differences can sometimes make it a bit tricky to chat and coordinate with fellow players who might not speak the same language as you do. We want to know: What would make communication and interaction smoother for you when engaging with players who speak a different language than you?


Submission deadline for this feedback session: 11 December 2023, by end of the day (23:59 UTC+1).


Kindly contribute your experiences, suggestions and feedback on Discord by sharing them in the #feedback-loop channel, accessible in each of our community spaces. We eagerly look forward to reading your valuable feedback and insights!

To ensure we capture a comprehensive range of perspectives, you can also react to other players’ feedback or post in threads on different thoughts and ideas.ย  Please submit your feedback before the specified deadline.

We appreciate the time and effort you invest in sharing your thoughts โ€” it truly makes a difference in shaping the gaming experience for everyone. Your engagement is what makes our community flourish and thrive. Thank you for being a crucial part of this journey. We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.


Warm regards,

Your Rail Nation Team

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