Evolving Feedback Loop

Evolving together: unveiling the next Feedback Loop process


Dear community,


Set to kick off on 11th of January, the new Feedback Loop process is designed to empower and enhance collaboration between you, the community, and our development team.

Feedback loops have been a crucial aspect of our development process. We believe in continuous improvement, and we have been inviting players to be part of the decision-making process right from the start.


How it works

Our new Feedback Loop is designed to be a month-long immersive experience. Read closely to understand how it will work from now on:


  1. Starting now, you can vote on what the topic of a Feedback Loop will be (3 days):

With a curated list of topics at hand, we open the floor for you to cast your votes. This approach ensures that the community has a direct say in determining the focus of the upcoming Feedback Loop. The voting period spans about three days, allowing ample time for every player to participate and make their voice heard.


  1. Feedback Loop activation (approximately 2 weeks):

Over approximately two weeks, you are encouraged to provide your valuable insights and feedback on the selected topic(s). This extended period allows for a thorough exploration of ideas, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of player sentiment.


  1. Evaluating feedback and providing answers (approximately 1-2 weeks):

After all have had their say, the gathered feedback is sorted, translated or filtered and passed on to the game centre.  They will then invest time in reading, evaluating, understanding and planning courses of action to implement elements of the feedback which appear to be one or more of the following: healthy for the game, the company and/or the players, possible within certain aspects, or simply really good ideas 😊.



Unfortunately, we cannot promise that after each Feedback Loop, there will be an immediate game update including all suggested changes. However, rest assured that your input will be heavily influencing regular smaller updates as well as larger updates as they come.


  1. While you are waiting:

While you are waiting for the Feedback Loop response or the next loop to start, why not chat with your fellow players about possible topics for the next Feedback Loop? You never know when your idea/topic/feedback might be chosen as the focus of the next Feedback Loop!


  1. Back to the beginning!

After a Feedback Loop comes to an end, a new one begins with voting on the topic. Based on how the different Feedback Loops go, we might make slight adjustments to the durations of specific phases or to the Feedback Loop in general, to make it fun and efficient.


By involving you at more stages than ever before, from proposing topics to casting votes and providing feedback, together we embark on a journey of continuous improvement, innovation and shared passion for our cherished game.


Your Rail Nation Team


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