Boat trips are fun!

Dear railway fans,

Since Steam over Europe, you have not only been able to transport goods across land, but also across the ocean. That’s because each region has its own harbour, where ships leave on journeys to all the other regions.

So, how does it work?

Similar to the warehouses that have been around since the USA scenario, you can deliver all unlocked goods to the harbours and also collect the goods from them. The premiums depend on the stock level. So you can make a lot of money if you have goods that are highly sought-after.

The waiting time when collecting goods also depends on the stock level. If sufficient goods are available, your trains will be loaded faster. So it may even be the case that the waiting times are lower than in the industries and you can supply the city more quickly.

The president of the region determines which goods are to be collected from other harbours. Here, however, ships can only transport goods that are actually stocked there. If, for example, 50 tons of toys are collected, they will disappear from that harbour.

The goods currently transported are shown in the import and export screen:


Harbours and sea trade can be of great tactical use in the course of the game. Here are a few tips for you:

  • You should fill warehouses and harbours ahead of the endgame. And you should also stock up on goods before the city requests them.
  • If you want to earn money, you should fill empty warehouses.
  • Later in the game harbours often have a shorter waiting time than industries. If you pick up goods from them, you might be able to deliver more goods in total.
  • Delivering and collecting goods at the same time increases your profits and also adds the integration bonus for premium and waiting time.
  • For those who don’t want to expand their railway network so extensively, they can just connect to a harbour or warehouse and transport all goods, without the need to connect to all industries.

Have fun and keep travelling safely
The Rail Nation Team

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  1. Moin moin,
    wenn Ihr Spieler für Sail Nation haben möchtet währe es vorteilhaft wenn man auch die Server finden könnte !

    Ich möchte es eigentlich mal spielen aber da ich im Netz nur das Forum aber keine Server finde wird das wohl nichts.

    Wenn Ihr die Server nicht mehr versteckt gebt mir bitte bescheid.

  2. Hallo Haudegen,
    Sail Nation war nur ein Aprilscherz. Die Inhalte, die hier im Blog erklärt werden, findest du im Europa-Szenario von Rail Nation!

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