A little thank-you

Dear players,

From time to time, we gather user wishes for new engines and game content. In this context, we also started a poll eight months ago, where you could choose between five potential new production series. We then asked our graphic designers to implement the three engines with the most votes.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and give away the three requested production series as a gift to all active players. Two production series from this package have already been released to you all. The first arrived on Valentine’s Day. Today, we’re completing the package with a real powerhouse!

The SŽD Series 2ТЭ10Л

The first production series we released was the SŽD Series 2ТЭ10Л. This double locomotive from Russia boasts impressive tractive force and is available in our game as a production series for the Prometheus. Fully laden, it may only reach 24 km/h, but its top speed is actually 100 km/h. It was taken out of service in Russia at the turn of the century and replaced by newer production series. However, they can still be seen in action to this day in other countries, like Moldova.

The DE-AC33C ‘Blue Tiger’

The extravagant Blue Tiger followed last week with its striking paintwork. This diesel-electric locomotive was developed by the German company Adtranz in cooperation with General Electric from the USA. It is designed for heavy goods transport. Ten models were sold to Germany, 30 to Pakistan and 20 to Malaysia. The ‘Blue Tiger’ version is the prototype of the series, which served as a demo model. In the meantime, it is operated by the East Hanover Railways, Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE). In Rail Nation, you can send it on the tracks as the Thor.

The NSWGR Class AD60

Last but not least, we have the NSWGR Class AD60 in store for you today. This Garrat-type machine is one of the heaviest steam locomotives in the southern hemisphere. It was Australia’s most powerful steam engine and was primarily used for transporting coal and ore from 1952. Since the distribution of this production series occurred during the transition to diesel locomotives, the New South Wales Government Railways reduced its original order and commissioned the delivery of five unassembled units for replacement parts. Nonetheless, the locomotives were able to hold their own until 1972. In the game, you can find it as the Boar and it makes for the perfect engine for the first era.

Have fun and keep travelling safely,
The Rail Nation Team

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16 thoughts on “A little thank-you

  1. I am failing to see the gifts as I did not receive a single item thus far. I did request a specific link – All I am getting i logging onto the game

  2. I remember Germiston Railway Station in South Africa with Garret loco’s lined up ready to be sent to Zimbabwe in the late 70s these loco’s were used in the Cape Province to haul heavy goods traffic up from the Hex river valley.

  3. WOOOWWW VIELEN LIEBEN DANK DAS SIND JAAAA SUPER LOKI wir aus der schweiz lieben unsere Lokomotiven vielleicht könnt ihr mal eine hoch laden

  4. Möchte die 3 neuen Lokomotiven SZD-BAUREIHE-DE-AC33C-NSWGR-Klasse AD60 gerne haben,aber leider weiß ich nicht wie ich sie in mein Spiel bringen kann?Für ihreAntwort vielen dank im voraus.

  5. Hi retep64,
    einfach ins Spiel gehen! Du bekommst sie dann automatisch. Dann einfach die zugehörige Lok erforschen und beim Kauf drauf achten, dass du die richtige Baureihe auswählst!

  6. Hi Thalmann Reinhard, das freut uns, dass dir die neuen Loks gefallen! Wir sammeln immer wieder mal Vorschläge für neue Loks. Also schlag deine Favoriten einfach mal vor!

  7. Hallo Lutz Grunack, du brauchst nur ins Spiel zu gehen und erhältst die neuen Baureihen dann automatisch. Dann nur noch die zugehörige Lok erforschen und beim Kauf drauf achten, dass du die spezielle Baureihe auswählst.

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