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Rail Nation in 2015

Dear Rail Nation community,

Thanks to your amazing passion Rail Nation has developed into a great game. We are very proud to have such an active and passionate Rail Nation community. Your many ideas and the extensive regular feedback help us to continue to improve Rail Nation.

This is why we don’t just want to say thank you, but also offer you a more revealing peek behind the scenes of Rail Nation as the year nears its conclusion.

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The End game Balancing Update

Browsergame Update November

Dear railway fans,

with the current update, we have used the opportunity to make some changes to the endgame. Here we have paid particular attention to your wishes made on our forum. The update will be installed on running game rounds. So your next endgame will already include these changes:

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The creation of William the conductor

From the archive

We’ve found some sketches documenting the creation of our conductor William in our archives. We’d like to share those and more work stages with you!

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Draft

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New record-breaking engines in Rail Nation!

Rail Nation Blog  New Locomotives

We have selected beautiful and spectacular real-world models for our series. Our 3D graphic artists have been digging deep into our archives and found the Bavarian S 2/6, the English Mallard and the French BB 9004, which was once the world’s fastest rail vehicle for over 50 years.

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Make way for our new production series!

strategic browsergame locomotives

We have been on the lookout all around the world in order to find the fastest, most spectacular and most beautiful engines for you. And in many countries where Rail Nation is played, we have found some. We’ve been inspired by impressive locomotives from Russia, Japan, France, the USA and England. We even did some research in Bavaria and found an engine that we wanted to make available to your engine houses.

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First insight: Rail Nation mobile version

A prototype of our Rail Nation mobile version.

A prototype of our Rail Nation mobile version.

We lay tracks right to your tablet and smart phone

A competition with a bonus engine is on, but you want to head to the cinema with your friends? The city will level up soon, but the kids are back from school? We all know situations like these – that’s why we’re developing a mobile version of Rail Nation!
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How it works: City consumption

Dear railways friends,

Today I would like to explain which factors influence the goods consumption of a city in Rail Nation.

A city consumes goods every 15 minutes. But how many tons are required and what are the factors that determine the amount that is consumed? Many Rail Nation players have asked about this. Today I would like to give you a detailed explanation.

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Facebook, News and servers

Hello everyone,

I am Sebastian of the Rail Nation team. In the German community I am also known as “Zib”. My job is to look after two areas, which can best be summarised as the coordination of “live operation” and “communication/information”. Does anyone already have an idea what that could be? ;)

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The engine balancing update

Dear railways friends,

Today, I would like to tell you about the changes we have made to the engine balancing with the current update.

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The update on the classic servers

Since the update, there have also been changes on the relaunched classic servers: They, too, have new features, bug fixes and improvements that simplify the controls.
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