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Mobile features – Schedule

Our topic in the mobile app series today: schedules!
New players in particular have in the past complained about schedules being too difficult for them. In order to increase usability, we have redesigned this feature for the mobile version.

Click to find out more details about the feature!
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Mobile features – The new mini-map

During our Twitch stream and on our YouTube channel we have shown you what the mobile version currently looks like on the iPad. Today we will take a closer look at the mini-map. To ensure a better video quality, today’s shots will be taken directly from the iPad. This feature will look identical on Android devices.

After clicking you will find details about the new features of the mini-map.

We look forward to your feedback!

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Introducing a new login system!

In preparation of the launch of its mobile version Rail Nation is getting a new login system. Don’t worry:

nothing will change for you: your accounts with email address, password and name will remain unchanged.

Two things you should know about the change:

  • We require a period of downtime to switch our systems. For this we have planned a 3-hour window on
    Tuesday, 14th July 2015 from 11:15am (GMT+2) until 2:15pm
    Only once all the features have been tested will our servers go back online. If we experience any delays, as can happen with such a large systematic change, we will extend the downtime. We will keep you updated on Facebook and in the forums.
  • The login mask will be given a fresh look. As will be the input fields for the email address and password, as well as the server selection. The functionality will not change. Just log in and start playing!

The vocabulary of Rail Nation


Since the beginning of Rail Nation we admire how engaged our players are in developing ever new strategies and how they push them to perfection. It starts with the discussions in the city forums and extends even to the relaxed small talk in the world chat.

Over time, extensive conductor-vocabulary has been established, making communication in the chat and forum much more efficient and quick. After all, things need to run smoothly and schedules need to be perfect!

But what do all the abbreviations and technical terms that have become common in the last few years actually mean? We took a look at the servers and put together a clear compendium full of Rail Nation jargon.

We collected quite some entries. Do you know them all?

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The new passenger trains (era 4 – 6)!

We searched right through the heart of railway history to find the most spectacular and peculiar passenger trains for the passenger transports. Today we will introduce you to the trains that we have selected for eras four to six and the endgame.

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The new passenger trains of the first 3 eras!

The next Rail Nation update is just around the corner: soon, there will be passenger trains on all restarting servers!

Game designer Bruno already explained, how the feature works and today we introduce you to the new trains of the first three eras.

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Finally in the game: passenger transports and the museum

Two of the most requested features have eventually found their way into the game: passenger transports and the museum!
Look forward to more variety, more realism and new tactical options.
In this Blog post game designer Bruno explains the features and reveals where you can already test it yourself!

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The new engines of the first era

The oldest engines are now looking fresh again! We have been looking for historical models, which are now displayed in detail in our game. Some engines only had to be slightly adjusted, while others had to be redesigned from scratch to match their real-life counterparts.

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The first endgame with the new RTS

We are about to see the first endgame with the new RTS. And of course we are prepared. Changes to the screen design provide you with all the important information at a glance, while at the same time reducing the server load during the endgame.

The new endgame has already been tested on the public test server. Despite the large number of players, performance has improved considerably. Here you can read about all the changes!

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Rail Nation – the server update is live

The new update is finally finished and the first server is live!


All classic scenario servers will start with the new version that delivers smooth performance even in stressful situations like the end game or big events.

While implementing it we also added some exiting new features for you. These include new engines, background music, improved sound effects and a lot of usabilty improvements.

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