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Rail Nation now also available on smartphone and tablet!

Enjoy the classic scenario now on the go, too.
Rail Nation celebrates the mobile app release for Android and iOS with a welcome package for all railway fans. Install the app now and log in with an existing account.
And get

  • 7-day Plus Account
  • 200 Gold
  • 3 free lottery tickets!

Click for more information!

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Rail Nation Mobile – test market launch!

Rail Nation goes Mobile! Why? Game Director Petr explains it to you:

Our Rail Nation iOS app is finished! “Finished?” you ask? Well, it’s not quite finished completely. That’s why we’re only initially offering the app in Austria and the Netherlands.

Learn when and where you will be able to install the app, what OS will be served first and what to expect from the app after the click!

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Mobile features – Schedule

Our topic in the mobile app series today: schedules!
New players in particular have in the past complained about schedules being too difficult for them. In order to increase usability, we have redesigned this feature for the mobile version.

Click to find out more details about the feature!
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Mobile features – The new mini-map

During our Twitch stream and on our YouTube channel we have shown you what the mobile version currently looks like on the iPad. Today we will take a closer look at the mini-map. To ensure a better video quality, today’s shots will be taken directly from the iPad. This feature will look identical on Android devices.

After clicking you will find details about the new features of the mini-map.

We look forward to your feedback!

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Introducing a new login system!

In preparation of the launch of its mobile version Rail Nation is getting a new login system. Don’t worry:

nothing will change for you: your accounts with email address, password and name will remain unchanged.

Two things you should know about the change:

  • We require a period of downtime to switch our systems. For this we have planned a 3-hour window on
    Tuesday, 14th July 2015 from 11:15am (GMT+2) until 2:15pm
    Only once all the features have been tested will our servers go back online. If we experience any delays, as can happen with such a large systematic change, we will extend the downtime. We will keep you updated on Facebook and in the forums.
  • The login mask will be given a fresh look. As will be the input fields for the email address and password, as well as the server selection. The functionality will not change. Just log in and start playing!

First insight: Rail Nation mobile version

A prototype of our Rail Nation mobile version.

A prototype of our Rail Nation mobile version.

We lay tracks right to your tablet and smart phone

A competition with a bonus engine is on, but you want to head to the cinema with your friends? The city will level up soon, but the kids are back from school? We all know situations like these – that’s why we’re developing a mobile version of Rail Nation!
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