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Even more steam engines for era 2!

All infos about all new engine models of the second era and the original engines.

Lynx – Series QJ of China Railways

chinese steam locomotive

What looks like a variant of the SZD П36 coloured in black, in reality is a proprietary development from China. The first prototype was built in 1956. The engines had the latest technology on board, such as a mechanical stoker and feed-water preheating. Once another 41 prototypes were completed, serial production began in 1964. The engine proved so successful that until 1988 more than 4,700 units were produced.

Impressive: the engines remained in active service of the state railway until 2005. Private railway companies continue to use them to this day.

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NEW steam engines for the second era!

New steam engines for the train game

The steam engines are at their best in the second era. More pressure in the boiler, more axles, and subtle details like blast pipes or oil burners bring the iron horses’ performance to a whole new level.

We read your engine wishes, worked our way through the railway archives and checked Wikipedia.

Here are our locomotive highlights!
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Rail Nation presents – the Eagle!

Our 3D graphic artists have placed another exclusive masterpiece in the engine house: the Eagle (Adler), the first German locomotive.

Thanks to detailed technical drawings and perfect models we have been able to design the engine as close to reality as never before. Every single lever is replicated, all rivets included and all original materials depicted correctly following some research. Be it the wooden hinges of the boiler or the copper steam dome: real nerds can now spend their evenings adoring the details of the new series.

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The new passenger trains of the first 3 eras!

The next Rail Nation update is just around the corner: soon, there will be passenger trains on all restarting servers!

Game designer Bruno already explained, how the feature works and today we introduce you to the new trains of the first three eras.

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The new engines of the first era

The oldest engines are now looking fresh again! We have been looking for historical models, which are now displayed in detail in our game. Some engines only had to be slightly adjusted, while others had to be redesigned from scratch to match their real-life counterparts.

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New record-breaking engines in Rail Nation!

Rail Nation Blog  New Locomotives

We have selected beautiful and spectacular real-world models for our series. Our 3D graphic artists have been digging deep into our archives and found the Bavarian S 2/6, the English Mallard and the French BB 9004, which was once the world’s fastest rail vehicle for over 50 years.

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Make way for our new production series!

strategic browsergame locomotives

We have been on the lookout all around the world in order to find the fastest, most spectacular and most beautiful engines for you. And in many countries where Rail Nation is played, we have found some. We’ve been inspired by impressive locomotives from Russia, Japan, France, the USA and England. We even did some research in Bavaria and found an engine that we wanted to make available to your engine houses.

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