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Mobile features – Schedule

Our topic in the mobile app series today: schedules!
New players in particular have in the past complained about schedules being too difficult for them. In order to increase usability, we have redesigned this feature for the mobile version.

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The vocabulary of Rail Nation


Since the beginning of Rail Nation we admire how engaged our players are in developing ever new strategies and how they push them to perfection. It starts with the discussions in the city forums and extends even to the relaxed small talk in the world chat.

Over time, extensive conductor-vocabulary has been established, making communication in the chat and forum much more efficient and quick. After all, things need to run smoothly and schedules need to be perfect!

But what do all the abbreviations and technical terms that have become common in the last few years actually mean? We took a look at the servers and put together a clear compendium full of Rail Nation jargon.

We collected quite some entries. Do you know them all?

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How it works: City consumption

Dear railways friends,

Today I would like to explain which factors influence the goods consumption of a city in Rail Nation.

A city consumes goods every 15 minutes. But how many tons are required and what are the factors that determine the amount that is consumed? Many Rail Nation players have asked about this. Today I would like to give you a detailed explanation.

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