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The new client – from the app to the PTR

The mobile app was praised after being launched. Apart from a few compatibility issues with some Android devices, the refined client, the convenient mini map and the new schedule mode have been welcomed by our players.

With the Europe scenario, these improvements will now also become available in the browser version of the game. In our first step, we took the mobile client and adopted it one-for-one for the browser. One thing is clear: the status quo is the starting point, not the final client. In order to make the game just as you like it, we have already launched the PTR.

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Europe we are coming for you!

Dear railway fans,

Soon a brand new scenario will await you in Rail Nation:
And if you think we’ve only made a new map, you’re very mistaken. The Europe scenario includes many new features, which will be introduced by Game ┬áDesigner Bruno.
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Finally in the game: passenger transports and the museum

Two of the most requested features have eventually found their way into the game: passenger transports and the museum!
Look forward to more variety, more realism and new tactical options.
In this Blog post game designer Bruno explains the features and reveals where you can already test it yourself!

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How it works: City consumption

Dear railways friends,

Today I would like to explain which factors influence the goods consumption of a city in Rail Nation.

A city consumes goods every 15 minutes. But how many tons are required and what are the factors that determine the amount that is consumed? Many Rail Nation players have asked about this. Today I would like to give you a detailed explanation.

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The engine balancing update

Dear railways friends,

Today, I would like to tell you about the changes we have made to the engine balancing with the current update.

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