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Everyone knows them – nobody likes them: bugs and what we’re doing about them

A text about a hot potato, the reasons and above all what we’re doing about it.
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Rail Nation – the server update is live

The new update is finally finished and the first server is live!


All classic scenario servers will start with the new version that delivers smooth performance even in stressful situations like the end game or big events.

While implementing it we also added some exiting new features for you. These include new engines, background music, improved sound effects and a lot of usabilty improvements.

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Rail Nation in 2015

Dear Rail Nation community,

Thanks to your amazing passion Rail Nation has developed into a great game. We are very proud to have such an active and passionate Rail Nation community. Your many ideas and the extensive regular feedback help us to continue to improve Rail Nation.

This is why we don’t just want to say thank you, but also offer you a more revealing peek behind the scenes of Rail Nation as the year nears its conclusion.

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Facebook, News and servers

Hello everyone,

I am Sebastian of the Rail Nation team. In the German community I am also known as “Zib”. My job is to look after two areas, which can best be summarised as the coordination of “live operation” and “communication/information”. Does anyone already have an idea what that could be? ;)

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