Even more steam engines for era 2!

All infos about all new engine models of the second era and the original engines.

Lynx – Series QJ of China Railways

chinese steam locomotive

What looks like a variant of the SZD П36 coloured in black, in reality is a proprietary development from China. The first prototype was built in 1956. The engines had the latest technology on board, such as a mechanical stoker and feed-water preheating. Once another 41 prototypes were completed, serial production began in 1964. The engine proved so successful that until 1988 more than 4,700 units were produced.

Impressive: the engines remained in active service of the state railway until 2005. Private railway companies continue to use them to this day.

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Boar – the DR Series 45 – the most powerful steam engine in Germany

The series 45, the strongest steam engine of Germany

The most powerful steam engine in all of Germany was the Series 45 that was constructed in 1936. In order to reach a power of 3,020 PSI, the boiler pressure was increased to 20 bar and 7,500 mm long steel heating tubes were used. The engine delivered the expected power and surpassed the Series 44’s power by over 25%. This makes it the most powerful German steam engine to this day.

With a diameter of 1,600 mm, the carrying wheels were larger than those of other standard cargo engines. It allowed for higher speeds of up to 90 km/h. The engine had an axle load of 20 tons and could pass through corners with a radius of 140 metres. This made it suitable for most mainline routes.

Following two prototypes, 26 units were ordered and delivered by Henschel. The Second World War resulted in a change in demand. The focus moved to simple, mass-produced war engines rather than sophisticated, high-value rail traffic. Hence another order of 103 units was cancelled in 1941.

The high consumption rate of coal made two boiler operators a necessity at all times. Following the end of the war, the remaining engines were revised thoroughly and fitted with mechanical stokers. They were used to haul heavy cargo trains that other engines were unable to move from the spot. The last engine of this series left active service in 1968.

The DR Series 52 – a simple and resilient war engine

Steam engine for the second world war

Simple and cheap-to-produce engines were highly sought-after during the Second World War, since using them near the front-line would undoubtedly incur heavy losses. Many components were simplified or left out completely. The result was diminished running characteristics and a lower top speed. Due to its simplistic building style, more than 7,000 engines were produced. For this large task, factories and forced labourers from all over Europe were used.

Steam engine for the second world war

After the end of the Second World War another 300 units were produced from the remaining parts. In the post-war era, the engines continued to be used from Russia to Scandinavia. It played an important role in the GDR until well into the 1980s. Fitted with a suction draught system, it remained in active service there until 1988. The last engine of the series was probably operated until 1997 by a private railway company in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Bull – the DB Series 10 ‘Neubaulok’

DB steam engine series 10

As the bonus engine, we have chosen what is known as a ‘Neubaulok‘. This means the engine was designed and procured by the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Only two prototypes were however purchased from Krupp. It’s high axle load of 21 tons and the quick move towards diesel engines prevented further orders. This makes this series the final new steam construction of the DB.

In service, the engine distinguished itself with a low steam consumption value, which meant that only little water needed to be carried along in the tender. The conductors enjoyed the convenience of pneumatic controls and padded seats in the closed driver’s cab. The engineers entered uncharted technical territory with the firing: oil was burned instead of coal. Often the engine’s power is stated as roughly 1,900 KW. The initial combined firing of oil and coal has however been shown to have a power of more than 2,200 KW.

With this, the express train engine hauled trains of 300 tons at up to 140 km/h. Its characteristic features include the trim of the engine and the aerodynamic additions that gave the engine its modern look. Both engines remained in service until 1968. The 10 001 can be seen in the steam engine museum in Neuenmarkt today; it’s sister engine 10 02 was scrapped in 1972.

For the best view of the trains we recommend to log in and head straight for the purchase engine screen.
That way you can enjoy a full screen view of our new masterpieces.

Keep steaming!




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