The new client – from the app to the PTR

The mobile app was praised after being launched. Apart from a few compatibility issues with some Android devices, the refined client, the convenient mini map and the new schedule mode have been welcomed by our players.

With the Europe scenario, these improvements will now also become available in the browser version of the game. In our first step, we took the mobile client and adopted it one-for-one for the browser. One thing is clear: the status quo is the starting point, not the final client. In order to make the game just as you like it, we have already launched the PTR.

Feedback required – this is how we optimise the client

Each player has their own playing style, with individual action paths (clicks), for which they require certain information. Some users had multiple windows open in the old version to optimise their strategies and schedules. These habits are in some cases no longer possible. Yet, we believe that with the new client it will be possible to complete some tasks even faster:

The timetable calculator is now available directly via the engines. The whole map will switch to the mini map when zooming out. The supplier industries and city goods industries can be centred on the map with just one click. Other information will be made available through different elements that we have yet to add. You will quickly become familiar with some other changes.

Faster bug fixes

Another reason to look forward to the uniform user interface: the work effort for bug fixes will be reduced drastically. Bug fixes will reach the users much quicker, in both the browser and the mobile version. That’s because the logic behind both versions will be standardised.

Train game goes Europe

Our to-do list for the client and scenario

These are our plans for the client

  • High-definition graphics
    • High-definition engine graphics
    • High-resolution train station
  • Complete revision of the world map
  • Complete revision of the zoom-able map
  • Comprehensive fine-tuning of animations
  • The controls shall be further improved, based on the current status.
    • e.g. timetable assistant with the filter ‘Required goods’
    • Tool tips
  • Zoom buttons

These are our plans for the scenario

  • The mayor
    • Similar to the role of the president, the mayor can make important decisions for the city
  • Completion of the map
    • Tunnels
    • Vegetation
    • Mountains
  • Balancing
    • City goods and landmarks: premiums and required amounts
    • Map: distances between industries and their distribution
    • Special routes: required investments

Your point of contact for feedback

In order to receive all your feedback, we would like to ask you to come to our PTR forum.

That’s your direct line to the team. Whether it’s ideas, bug reports or feedback on usability: we’ll take care of it:


  1. Hello,
    It’s Aleksandar, the admin of TrainArcade, a flash gaming website about trains. I see you mention browser-based version,so I was wondering whether it’s going to be a flash game. And when this version is going to be available? I would like to present it to my players. Thank you!

  2. Still absolutely love this game. Great community too so the game consistently gets better as it develops and grows.

  3. Já tento PTR server hraju a docela se mi scénář Evropa líbí, jen ta grafika by chtěla vylepšit. Ale jinak dobrý.

  4. i have been trying too get prestige & in stead of finishing after the video & giving me the Prestige points it brings me too this & WILL NOT LET ME CONTINUE PLEASE FIX

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