Europe we are coming for you!

Dear railway fans,

Soon a brand new scenario will await you in Rail Nation:
And if you think we’ve only made a new map, you’re very mistaken. The Europe scenario includes many new features, which will be introduced by Game ¬†Designer Bruno.

Why Europe?

Playing on original maps with real cities and a realistic landscape is simply more fun. Following the USA scenario, we have now decided to go for a European scenario, since most of our players come from Europe and many legendary engines were built and used on European tracks.

What’s new?

While the USA scenario focused on the duel between the east and west, city takeovers and warehouses, there will be even more interesting content for Europe. I’ll give you a quick overview of the biggest changes. If you’d like to know more, please visit our PTR server where you can also help us find bugs, tell us your own ideas and help make the balancing perfect. After all, we want this version to be flawless for the start.


In order to make the European map as fair and realistic as possible, we have completely revised the editor we use to create maps. This hasn’t only improved the looks (tunnels are now available), but has also paved the way for new features. New analytical tools also allow us to place cities and industries in a fashion that gives all players and cities equal chances in the game.

User interface

We will start the Europe scenario with a revised user interface that many players are already familiar with from playing the mobile version. On top of that, we have made countless changes to make navigation with the mouse easier and to make sure the game looks nice on large screens, too.

Battle of the regions

As always, the map consists of 50 cities. And, of course, we have selected 50 European megacities. 5 cities each make up one region in the Europe scenario, so that a total of 10 regions fight for supremacy in Europe’s railway business in a separate ranking.


Each region elects one of their players to be president. The president can appoint other players to their cabinet and make important decisions for their region with them.


Just like with the president, each city elects a mayor who can in turn make important decisions for their city, together with the members of the city council.


Each city also now has its own original landmark, for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The landmark needs to be supplied with goods and money to be upgraded. Landmark upgrades are required to make the city grow as well. In addition, you can collect many points for the regional ranking.

Harbours and ships

Each region has its own harbour (-> 10 harbours in total). All unlocked goods can be collected from and delivered to a harbour. There are also ships that trade goods between different harbours. The presidents can decide what goods the ships should transport.

Special routes

Some routes on the map are not able to be built by one player alone, but they require investments from multiple players instead. Following its successful construction, that route will then of course be available to all players. These special routes usually connect two regions with each other.


We would be very happy to see as many of you as possible on the PTR server. There you’ll not only find the new features mentioned here, but the countless minor changes as well.

Please not that not all map props are introduced yet. Also some of the features like the mayor are still missing.

Have a safe trip!


  1. This sounds lke it is going to be the next step beyond what we have now and will be real interesting to play, I will definitly give it a try, I am currently playing RN on SteamBoiler,

  2. Hi,

    It would be nice if it was NOT possible to collect goods from harbour if there was no supply of that resource available (like it is possible on USA maps today). Try to do it in a way that you cannot collect resource that is not there. It would add to a realism.

    Geralt_tt, COM3 Smoke Chamber

  3. I love it! Love to see how this beautiful game is still coming with new ideas and make it remain interesting to play!

    I think this mobile version is not good. I don’t like it. I really hope that it will get back PC version.

  4. This sounds really good. I am currently based in Portland, Grand Central, s102; but I would like to try the UK in the next game cycle. I have some former Transport Empire buds in the UK.

  5. Love this game. Very addictive though !! Europe should be fun to try out. Looking forward to seeing the graphics.

  6. Tallinn is missing! It is not fair is some countries have a several cities and some countries are erased completely. There where should be Tallinn is the Helsinki South.

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