Rail Nation Mobile – test market launch!

Rail Nation goes Mobile! Why? Game Director Petr explains it to you:

Our Rail Nation iOS app is finished! “Finished?” you ask? Well, it’s not quite finished completely. That’s why we’re only initially offering the app in Austria and the Netherlands.

Learn when and where you will be able to install the app, what OS will be served first and what to expect from the app after the click!

Austria and the Netherlands? Why do they get to try it out first?

We’ll get feedback from them on how well the app goes down with the old veterans as well as beginners. As soon as we have enough thumbs up from those players, we’ll release the app worldwide. If the users in the test market aren’t satisfied, we’ll carry out some more fine tuning. It’s for this reason we’re unable to name a global launch date today. But we expect it will most likely kick off in October.

What about Android?

During this phase, we’ll round off any rough edges to the iOS app and improve the performance of the Android app. The current status of the performance is simply not yet at a level that meets our requirements. The game really needs to run really smoothly in order to be real fun. We’re making good progress with improving performance. We still aim to release the iOS and Android versions at the same time worldwide.

What can you expect from the app?

  • You’ll be able to play on smartphones and tablets. The screens and menus are optimised for the given device.
  • There will be an iOS and an Android version, and they won’t differ from each other too much.
  • The app will be available for classic servers. There you’ll be able to play on the same game worlds as you do in your browser. You’ll find all the game features in the app.
  • A completely new user interface has been developed. We’ve optimised the interface for tablets and smartphones; it’s tidy, structured and offers a clear view of the map.
  • We’ve significantly expanded the mini-map, enabling a comfortable gaming experience on smaller screens. Finding industries, setting schedules or building tracks – you can now do all that via the mini-map!
  • We have also designed a completely new tutorial for the app, which we’re also renewing for the web browser, making it more intuitive and exciting to get started in the game.

You are living in Austria or the Netherlands and an iOS user?

Don’t wait and head over to the AppStore and get your hands on Rail Nation mobile!

Link for Austria

Link for the Netherlands



  1. bonjour
    androïd i play with an chinèse octocores 32 bits 2 go ram price 1 hundred $ lol!
    the unique browser able to play is puffin free
    just a difficult the navigation in the map horizontaly.
    i am happy of this browser.
    contact them for more practice.

  2. hi, how about usa version servers?

    • railnation_admin

      October 29, 2015 at 3:55 pm

      We currently do not plan to create a USA-version of the app. But if it becomes a huge succes we might need to reconsider ;-)

  3. What about report from Austrian and the Netherlanden veterans?

    Is this real blog? No news for more than two weeks :(

    Why do they get to try it out first?

    We’ll get feedback from them on how well the app goes down with the old veterans

    • railnation_admin

      October 29, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      We had to pick two markets. We chose the two countries because we can easily communicate with most of the players. This is vital for collecting feedback.
      Best way to talk to other players is always on the forums:

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