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During our Twitch stream and on our YouTube channel we have shown you what the mobile version currently looks like on the iPad. Today we will take a closer look at the mini-map. To ensure a better video quality, today’s shots will be taken directly from the iPad. This feature will look identical on Android devices.

After clicking you will find details about the new features of the mini-map.

We look forward to your feedback!

This is what the new mini-map does

The mini-map is often used when trying to set up new schedules and looking for the correct industries. It’s convenient for passenger transports, as it allows you to quickly jump from city to city. The mini-map of the browser version is compressed in a way that would mean it would have to be displayed across the whole screen on smaller screens for it to be of any use. This is why we have completely redesigned the mini-map of the browser version for greater convenience.

The mini-map is no longer opened via a button, but by zooming out. The zoom of the mobile version works seamlessly. At a certain zoom level, the map will automatically switch to the reduced mini-map. The stocks of city goods are shown for each city, so that city suppliers can quickly see where goods are needed. This information can also be hidden.

By selecting a particular good from the selection bar, you can view all industries of that good at a glance. Connected industries are shown in a rich colour, while those which have not been connected are displayed as semi-transparent. If you show the tracks on the mini-map you can lay new tracks right away. This is perfect when connecting to industries that are further away or when trying to find the shortest route to the neighbouring region.

Next week we will give you more details about the next feature: schedules!

You can find the mobile presentation from the Twitch stream here.

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