The first endgame with the new RTS

We are about to see the first endgame with the new RTS. And of course we are prepared. Changes to the screen design provide you with all the important information at a glance, while at the same time reducing the server load during the endgame.

The new endgame has already been tested on the public test server. Despite the large number of players, performance has improved considerably. Here you can read about all the changes!

The run for the endgame

With the start of the endgame all Rail Nation players are getting highly active again. The amount of server requests is growing tenfold. Everybody is joining in the final battle for victory. They all want to perfectly time their trains to achieve the best possible result. The combination of many active players, intensive game play and a changed server architecture has brought the old RTS to its knees.

The new RTS is much more powerful, but here we still had to make sure not to overload single parts of the system. To reduce server load, we have taken a close look at player behaviour. What data is most important for them? Which info needs to be checked regularly so that schedules can be set up quickly? We have optimised the megacity info on the map to make exactly that information available to you. This spares you a couple of clicks and also reduces server load.

Crucial information available before even clicking once

On the map you can now see:

  • City status: How many goods have been delivered already?
  • Own deliveries: Which of the required goods have been delivered already?
  • Time until next goods consumption by city
  • Time until next occupancy rate calculation of industries
  • Notification about new forum posts – a click leads to the city forum directly

Following the endgame test, we have taken on-board your feedback: by popular request, the delivered amount of tons will be available in the tool tip again. Any bugs that our PTR testers have discovered during the trial have of course also been fixed.

New megacity overview

We have also adjusted the layout of the megacity screen:

  • The megacity screen and the “more info” screen are now combined
  • All goods on one page: What has been delivered, who has helped how much?
  • Which association has delivered what amounts?
  • Which player has gained how much prestige?

Balancing changes: More fun with a longer endgame!

We have done some fine-tuning, so that players can also take part in the endgame successfully, without the need to be logged in 24 hours a day. Some changes to the procedure will allow casual players to also play an important role in the battle for victory of the fastest megacity.

  • Bigger warehouses: Larger amounts of each good have to be transported to the megacities.
  • Goods exchange by the dozen: Only after all 12 goods have been fully delivered, will 12 new ones be unlocked
  • Trains can continue to deliver cleared city goods, while still generating profits for servicing and new waggons
  • Prestige bonus for the victorious megacity
    • 10,000 prestige for players, whose home city wins the endgame
    • 5,000 prestige for players connected to the victorious megacity
    • The home city can no longer be changed during the endgame

On your platforms, get set, GO!


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  1. I enjoy playing the train game, But it has to be easier for me to log in and play!! Train game fan needing help……. Please

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    Dr. Michael

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