The End game Balancing Update

Browsergame Update November

Dear railway fans,

with the current update, we have used the opportunity to make some changes to the endgame. Here we have paid particular attention to your wishes made on our forum. The update will be installed on running game rounds. So your next endgame will already include these changes:

Starting gaps

In order to give all cities the chance to be victorious in the endgame and to not let you start the endgame in the middle of the night, we have halved the starting gaps. For each rank and level behind the leading city, the starting gap will be 30 minutes (one hour before).

With the first megacity starting at 2pm, normally all megacities should start the endgame on the same day. Thanks to the reduced warehouse size for those megacities lacking behind, they still have a shot at winning.

Warehouse size and consumption

Until now it was possible for many goods to have them fully delivered within one hour, before the industries’ recalculation took place. With the update, the warehouse sizes for the megacity goods in the endgame will be doubled. This means that less goods can be finished off before the recalculation. It will however still be possible for industries located in the vicinity of a city. Finishing multiple goods within one hour will also be made much more difficult.

As we don’t want to drastically extend the endgame, we are reducing the basic consumption from 15% earlier to now 5%. Goods that are not finished off within an hour can now still be crossed off the list quicker. The overall consumption is made up of:

  • Basic consumption (5%)
  • Number of connected, active players (more players – higher consumption)
  • Number of fully delivered goods in relation to the duration of the endgame (many goods delivered in a short amount of time – higher consumption)

The third point now takes into account the overall duration of the endgame as reference. In the past it used to be the duration the megacity itself has been in the endgame already. This means megacities starting later will initially have a lower consumption and can catch up more easily.


The prestige for endgame deliveries will be cut by 25%. We still want the endgame to have a possible effect on the ranking, but we don’t want a situation in which half the prestige can be gained in just 3% of the game duration. The association prestige is cut by 25%, too.


In our next big update, we will make further changes to the endgame:

  • Performance
    The most important point will be performance. All in-game calculations have been programmed anew from scratch, to take some load off the servers. This should lead to considerable improvements, particularly during the endgame, in which server load is especially high.
  • Prestige bonus for city victory
    Additionally, there will be a prestige bonus for players, whose city wins the endgame. For players, who have connected the victorious megacity to their railway network, there will be a small prestige bonus. Players who give everything for their city will now also be rewarded individually.
  • Replacement by the dozen
    Another change should primarily benefit casual players. Fully delivered goods will not instantly be replaced. The good will only be replaced once all twelve goods have been fully delivered. Once that has happened, they will all be replaced instantly. Casual players will now be able to deliver all goods, even if they can only be online less frequently. Trains hauling already delivered goods will not stop, but continue to travel until the replacement of the goods and hence still award a delivery premium. Prestige will continue to be awarded once a good has been fully delivered.

Wishing you loads of fun with the game,


  1. You’re terrible :)

    “Here we have paid particular attention to your wishes made on our forum.”

    Thats where you go wrong time and time again.The forum participation is below zero(a seperate registration really?) and you should listen but ignore to those whining there.

    • For the record i don’t mind mid-game changes that much.I don’t understand them but i don’t mind them persé.Atleast if they make sence.Guess rich people complaining about me beating them really hurted your gold sales.Haha :)

      102-US is my server come at me xD

  2. You are killing this game….

    You have changed the rules of end game, the first time last server during the game, after the game is already started, and in this server you are doing the same…

    If you want change the rules you must change only in the new server, so people can take the decision to don’t play and you can understood that you choises are ridiculous…

    Who has done the last change in the end game, and this change in the end game, have never played at this game….

    It’s ridiculous, why we must play for 3 months when is better arrive in 10° place in era 6 to win the game???

    • João Paulo Arantes

      March 13, 2015 at 10:26 pm

      Completely agree with that! Now we have to make calculations to see for each position do we aim… It is ridiculous! You HAVE to aim FIRST place! It makes no sense to work 3 months to WIN and get a HUGE punch in your face like that…

  3. Another big failure.

    It’s obvious that you have no idea about what are you doing.

    I’ll give you a suggestion: if you are not able to seriously balance the end-game mechanics … simply remove it.

    Let the game end after the 6th era.

    No end-game is better than have an end-game and change the rule of the game every 1-2 month … especially while servers are running and people have already set their strategies based on the “old rules”

  4. ok, I understand. I come back to play GREPOLIS

  5. Please near your link: “Play Rail Nation!”, insert also: “Delete your account in Rail Nation”…

  6. In every game there are rules, and they must be the same for everyone and unchanged until the end of the game, then wanting the rules can change when a game round is finished and before the beginning of the next.
    Each player “serious” put in place a strategy based on the rules in force.
    It is not serious, it is not honest, change the rules during the game, especially if it is a game where you also spend real money to buy gold.
    I am a recent server I have spent several hundred euros to buy the gold, and I am no longer willing to do that in a game where the rules change at will the game director.
    I’ve also heard my lawyer, who says there are the terms for a complaint of harassment to the game. We will evaluate the moves to make.

  7. it is strongly unfair to change the rules during the game!

  8. Let me echo the comment how ridiculous it is to change the game around mid gameround. This should have waited until a new gameround started. And the last endgame already had different parameters with the increased consumption.

    As for the changes themselves, you seem to be catering to the casual player who complains a lot. By doing this, you are annoying your active users, who are the ones who tend to buy a lot of gold.

    Doubling the warehouse, but reducing consumptions seems like it’s going to lengthen the endgame as more goods will now require multiple hours to fill. If that’s your motive, then you’ve achieved it. Reducing the time between cities starting, with the much larger change in warehouse size, has totally disincentivized any city growth. Right now on coal box, 7 cities are within 1 level of each other, by choice, because of no incentive to be at higher levels but because of the warehouse size penalty. Reducing the award (earlier start) and increasing the penalty is going to make this even worse.

    As to the future changes, thank you for posting them before implementation so you can get comments. You should have done that on these changes. Anyway, having the warehouse switch out goods 12 at a time is an endgame killer. You are wanting to get more cities involved. Well, the bottom half of the cities likely won’t ever switch out any goods with that change.

    • “Anyway, having the warehouse switch out goods 12 at a time is an endgame killer”

      You are so right my friend… This is by far the worst change they have though of.

    • Also, this was not particularly well thought through. Something like this (say, switching 4 or 6 at a time) could have been done and would have had the same effect for “casual” players and worked out much better for endgame progression at the same time.


  9. It is ridiculous to change the rules a couple of days before the endgame starts on a server and not notify people in the game!

    The appropriate changes had been made in previous versions whereby you could not sit in the endgame, workers removed etc. it came down to a city being organsied.

    Your new rules will work in conjunciton with the other rules you are yet to introduce. But until those rules come into play then the endgame will be complete chaos for those that had a handful of days to prepare.

  10. Nice work – you made changes that almost everyone hates AND accurately points out are unfair. If more of us tell you how awful they are will you change them again?

  11. This game is becoming less and less fun. I have spent alot of $ on Gold, but I think I’m about done.

    • And by the way…if I put a bunch of time and gold and effort into the game why should a casual player be able to come on and kick my butt?

  12. Hmmmmm. Looks like I need to research an alternative game. Playing a game where the rules change every couple of days is a joke.

  13. This kind of endgame – what we are just playing for the first time – is a pain. It takes the fun out of the endgame and makes it a long, long affair… too long to have much fun…
    it was far better the other way and sorry to say, it was easier to catch up to leading cities before – so please, get us our NORMAL ENDGAME BACK!!! It was fun and a city starting last could still win the game… But this way, I am sorry, I am not sure I will bother playing another endgame!

  14. Just finished GG endgame…no fun at all…playing endgame on the other GG server right now….not having fun. Why did you guys do this?

  15. Ok we who are playing the game now is in the same situation that’s not the problem. The problem is that these endgames will last for days which means players will just wont bother logging in if the good takes more than a hour. Yes you have to make it fairer and the timing each city starts is a good one but that’s it.

    The future processes are also flawed we already have a problem with players sabotaging our goods so for us to deliver all 12 before we get more is calling for the end game to last longer.

    Please let the players decide how to play as without them there is no game.

  16. First thing, I will agree with everyone that changing the rules in the middle of the game is completely stupid!

    That said, personally i welcome some of these changes, especially the the prestige change. The amount of prestige gained in endgame was crazy and unfair for those who had been trying all game but were not in a top end game city.

    I will also agree with some who expressed concern over the extended playing period, though i dont care if the end game gets extended cause that’s the most fun part.

    On the other hand, the normal period of 6 eras is too long! I have seen many players losing interest and getting bored mid era 4 or something. It even happens with the most dedicated players.

    The era period should be reduced from 14 days to around 10 so that the game does not feel dragged and tedious. I understand that a lot of things will need to be readjusted to keep the balance with this shorter period, but really, the game lasts too long and even from a business perspective, you don’t want players who get bored and quit.

    • The game length is fairly nice. It’s just over 12 weeks; 3 months. When you play the game, you aren’t committing to years of your life, but do need to make a substantial commitment. Sure, some short-attention-span people will quit during the 12 weeks, but the point is to reward people who have the reasonable attention span. If the game seems to drag on, then we need to make the game more exciting, not shorter.

      Currently, each era has a few sub-goals. Leveling up the train station and building new trains. Researching a good engine and switching over to that engine. Researching coupling. Plus the twice daily maintenance of the account.

      There are additional sub-goals that can be worked on such as winning strange medals.

      If the existing sub-goals are insufficient to hold your interest, suggest new sub-goals. e.g. Make it more useful to level up more buildings in the station.

      • Updating the station is not a goal at all. You start doing this from the beginning to the end of the entire game. Adding more things to make the mid game interesting is a good option too. However, the current mid game – as is – is a borefest.

  17. Replacement by the dozen is possibly the worst possible change that you might come up with. Even now, with the current gameplay and replacement of one good at a time, almost all factories around megacities become spoiled by greedy, inattentive and anti-social players, with waiting time skyrocketing to the excess of 10 minutes (!), thus making them virtually impossible to finish, unless people take off their trains from such factories, which almost never, never, hever happen. With having to deliver the full amount of all 12 initial RGs before getting new ones this makes the task of closing the goods even harder.

    Another consequence is that players won’t be able to do fast turnarounds of waggons. It’s a very well known fact that it’s almost impossible to get all necessary waggons for the end game, and players usually rely on selling waggons from already finished goods in order to buy new ones. With the “replacement by dozen” system they will not be able to sell the waggons for a long time. Coupled with lowering prices for the delivered goods, this will increase the maintenance burden on the average city patriots, and prevent people from buying waggons for the goods that they are missing.

    Please reconside this idea.

  18. What exactly does the “prestige bonus for city victory” mean, exactly?

    On my current server, several of the top ten cities are all close together. Everyone in each of those cities will end up connected to multiple megacities, and likely could connect to all of them. Will someone that connects to the winning city during the endgame receive just as much of a bonus as someone who started there? What about people that connected early on (because it was close/convenient) but haven’t really been bothering with it the entire round?

    Unless there’s a lot more to this bonus than was described, I don’t see how this has much impact upon active megacity players unless one is on the opposite side of the map from the winning city.

  19. 2139 burton rd apt 19

  20. You have just killed the part of the game that people looked forward to, The fast paced excitement of the End Game was what made it so much fun, By insisting on the 12 good replacement, you have totally killed that fast paced excitement. The casual players you are listening to are not the ones paying your wages, it is the active players who are doing that. Why would you change the game for a bunch of casual whiners who show up once a day and ignore the active players, many who are gold buyers?

  21. João Paulo Arantes

    March 13, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Congratulations… You’ll have 150 players hauling the last 12 good with 10 minutes WT, for 4 days for them to get the next 12 goods…
    That doesn’t make ANY sense… Seems like you didn’t even try playing your own game to understand… We have prestige-hunters, we have sabotaging people and we have people that doesn’t get what’s happening and does whatever comes to their minds… Those people WILL destroy the cities’ strategies, chances, moral and dedication… You will lose a buncha players, write that down… I like this game and I don’t want it to end, but seems like you’re working towards the opposite…

  22. Like I suggested to the forum. There should an award relative to the era 6 size of the town. The higher level the city at the start of the endgame the bigger the reward as in a CUT of the size of the warehouse. Then people will do there utmost to have a city as big as possible, this new rules give you exactly the opposite reaction. What DO you REALLY want to ACHIEVE??

  23. Same with the amount of prestige you can get by bringing in a few tons. All prestige given for goods delivered should be relative to the total amount of goods. so someone being 5th or 6th in his asso (delivering thousands of tons) should always get more then a player bringing in 10 tons but being the next asso in the number of asso because there are no more.

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