The creation of William the conductor

From the archive

We’ve found some sketches documenting the creation of our conductor William in our archives. We’d like to share those and more work stages with you!

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Draft


The beginning of each character is marked by brainstorming. What features and characteristics should be brought together in the conductor and how should he look? Our graphic designer was tasked to come up with different drafts. Drafts of a conductor, who is friendly, likeable and who looks competent and experienced. After all, William is your first point of contact in Rail Nation and his job is to lead you through the game as a teacher by your side.

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Draft 4

Poses on paper

In the end there was a clear victor. Today we can’t even imagine someone other than William.
The next step was to breathe life into our new conductor and to portray him in different situations. Again, paper drawings mark the first step.

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Draft 3

Digital outlines

These sketches are then scanned. Afterwards we trace the outlines digitally with the help of a graphic software, just like in a comic.

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Outlines

Digital colour

Then it’s time for some colour.

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Flat Color

Final shading

Despite this clearly being William, he doesn’t look quite right yet, does he? This is because the colour used here forms only the basis. With many fine strokes of the brush, details like light and shadows are added to the image in 3D.
Especially on the edges, the use of light and shadow ensures that William no longer requires outlines.

Rail Nation Conductor Smith Final

By now William L. Smith is ready to guide you through the game!

Your Rail Nation team

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