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We have been on the lookout all around the world in order to find the fastest, most spectacular and most beautiful engines for you. And in many countries where Rail Nation is played, we have found some. We’ve been inspired by impressive locomotives from Russia, Japan, France, the USA and England. We even did some research in Bavaria and found an engine that we wanted to make available to your engine houses.

Our 3D artists gave their best in order to bring some real highlights to the game. And it was worth the effort: The new engines present a new level of detail and introduce some fresh colors to the rolling stock.

In the first era there is the new Falcon that is based on the Bavarian S2/6, in the second era there’s the new Boar available which is based on the English LNER Class 4 Mallard. For the third era we went with the Soviet LTS M62 for the Morpheus and for the fourth era we chose the Japanese DF 200-7 for the Poseidon. For the electric epochs we added the French BB 9004 for the Medusa in the fifth era and finally the American ALP-64 for the Lindworm in era six.

If you log in to the game until October 12th 2014, the new production series will be unlocked for free!

So hurry and log in as all six production series will be available for free on all future rounds on all servers for you! If your server is in an earlier era, the production series of the later eras will be unlocked as the server reaches that era. You will be able to purchase engines of this production series as soon as you have researched the corresponding locomotive. They can then be selected for purchase without additional cost or gold.

Enjoy! Your Rail Nation Team



  1. I logged in on 11th october 2014. The game were I’m playing was in Era 4 (Golden Gate). But I didn’t get the new trains. And I couldn’t find them in the Research. So I’m unable to play them free. Is there a solution for it? my player name is John F Candy. I hope you will help me.

    • railnation_admin

      October 15, 2014 at 2:14 pm

      Hi Jeffrey,
      production series offer different versions of existing engines. You can choose them when you purchase a new engine. On the right side of the screen there is a list of different production series. First you choose the locomotive you want, then you chose the production series. /Michel

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