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Hello everyone,

I am Sebastian of the Rail Nation team. In the German community I am also known as “Zib”. My job is to look after two areas, which can best be summarised as the coordination of “live operation” and “communication/information”. Does anyone already have an idea what that could be? ;)


Live operation

Live operation includes our servers. At the moment, Rail Nation is being played on over 80 servers, which we need to monitor constantly. What is the ratio of registered avatars to users active daily? How many new players sign up per day? These are the kind of questions that may have a direct or indirect effect on server performance.

Each day, I look at the statistics and check the latest trends. How long can the server cope with the current level of growth? When do we have to start a new one? When can servers be merged? On top of that, I also schedule the start dates for new rounds and servers. When doing this, I have to keep in mind the required maintenance operations and the actual duration of the endgame, which varies in length.

By the way: Even if two servers start (almost) simultaneously, none of them will be worse off than the other. We are able to control the flow of players to the new servers to fill up both evenly.


As communications coordinator, it is my job to provide you with information. That means giving our CMs all information they require to keep you up to date; for example through the news section of the webpage, in-game messages, or via the forum. Similarly, I also receive a great deal of suggestions and requests from the community. This means that part of my job is also to sort through all the messages we receive and forwarding them to the right dev team members.

From now on, I’m there for you on Facebook too: up close and personal — from the team, for the players.
That means exclusive insights into the development of Rail Nation and the other exciting things which keep us occupied day to day. We will show you what we are up to and you can tell us what you think :)

I’ll see you at Facebook and of course in Rail Nation!

Best regards,



  1. When will the problem that browser freezes now and then be solved?

  2. Is there a reason for having a US scenario which is exclusive for U.S. , U.K. and two com servers? Wouldn’t it have been better to have one or two com servers until the U.S. scenario catches on?

    • Zib / Rail Nation

      August 20, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Hello Raidon,

      the .com domain is open for everyone, especially if there’s no language available. There are a lot of different time zones mixed together. That’s why we startet new servers for players from the US and the UK.


  3. Great game! Congrats

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