The USA scenario – what’s new?

For a month now, you have been able to send your trains across the vast expanse of the USA. The first servers of the classic version with the new update have started to make this possible. Producer Michel and Brand Manager Adrian will give you an overview of the new features in the USA scenario. You can look forward to more videos and blog entries with information about the new features!

The USA scenario – what’s new?

Jump on board now: The new USA scenario of the railway strategy game Rail Nation has opened its gates – Join now and conquer the great railway nation USA together with your friends and Rail Nation. We’ll take a first look at the extent of the browser game update!

Overview of the most important features of the update

Changes in the USA scenario

Original map of the USA:

  • with 50 real cities
  • diverse and realistic landscapes
  • numerous sights (e.g. Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Grand Canyon)
  • new engine models depicting authentic US engines

East-West duel

  • for the first time ever it’s not only player vs player and city vs city, but also East vs West
  • players are split into two factions
  • each faction controls 25 cities at the start of the game
  • factions can gain influence in rival cities via city deliveries, and eventually take them over
  • the more cities that are taken over and the more often the cities level up, the more points will be awarded to the controlling faction
  • in the end, the faction with the most points wins


  • there are eleven warehouses on the map
  • all unlocked goods can be delivered and collected from here

Changes for all servers (USA and classic)

  • engines have new series (alternative appearance – 14 new engine models and 36 new paint jobs)
  • new engine purchase screen with larger engine preview and the option to buy multiple engines at the same time
  • revamped train list: tidy layout, easier servicing and much more
  • improved engine balancing
  • improved endgame balancing (duration increases with higher consumption)
  • city chat
  • ignore list
  • new avatar items
  • many small improvements and bug fixes


Your Rail Nation Team


  1. Feature to add: passenger traffic between cities. This would give a new incentive to spread the route network far beyond the home city and its nearest neighbors.

  2. This video is out of date. It does not talk about anything new which has not existed in the US game round already. The new round will start soon. Due to the position of the industries the US servers took too long to complete.
    Can we have a video in English. There is the option to turn on subtitles but it is not the same.

  3. The east/west duel is virtually useless. Players don’t get any cash or prestige by supplying to the other side, so there’s no incentive there. It also doesn’t impact the endgame at all. Finally, players who don’t live on the border between east and west don’t have even a chance to deliver or block deliveries to the other side. All in all, it does nothing for most players other than block the upper-central part of the screen (which is already too cluttered, if you ask me) with no option to minimize.

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